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Here at GottaBe! Ethnic, we are specialists in multicultural marketing.

This is because we help companies target ethnic minorities across the UK, by opening their boundaries to interact with a demographic that has a spending power of £300 billion!

Even today, ethnic minorities here in the UK remain a predominantly untapped market. With only 1 in 5 brands reaching out to them as individual customers, there is huge potential for any brand.

In order to unlock this potential, GottaBe! Ethnic has an extremely creative team, who can deliver fun and exciting campaigns that strategically target ethnic minorities and we can offer Brand Ambassadors whom can speak in over 45 languages, including Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Filipino and Urdu – making interactions much easier!

This enables us to deliver your precise message, to the precise audiences, in the precise places.

When it comes to multicultural marketing, we are Simply Ethnic.

Ethnic minorities have a spending power of £300 billion in the UK, yet only 1 out of 5 UK companies are reaching out to them as consumers.


By engaging with your consumer and immersing them within your products or services, you involve them in the entire experience of your brand.
At GottaBe! we believe in a mantra of quality over quantity, which enables us to maximise the coverage of every campaign.
To do this, we offer our clients everything under one roof, which enhances our contact with your target audiences and ultimately increases your brand exposure.

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Key facts

Stay one-step ahead with Multicultural Marketing, the numbers are for all to see!

1 in 6
People living in the UK are from an Ethnic Minority
The spending power of Ethnic Minorities in the UK
1 in 5
UK companies reach out to Ethnic Minority consumers
of Ethnic Minorities feel UK media has little or no relevance to them


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Case studies

GottaBe! has helped some of the world’s biggest brands fulfill field and experiential marketing activities, across numerous campaigns. It is our passion to access target audiences and help clients branch out further than they ever have before. Live our passion through a selection of case studies.


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We are humans, not robots and here at GottaBe! our sole purpose on this Earth is to interact with our clients’ target audiences, but to do this we need you to get in touch to let us know what you’re after.