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Brexit and the Impact It’s Having on the Ethnic Minorities: Are They Still Coming?

Photo by Lāsma Artmane on Unsplash

Three years on from the referendum concluding that Great Britain will leave the European Union and the country is still in disarray. Never has the United Kingdom seen a politically charged event on this scale and to this day, everyone is still rather confused by how it will all work. Well, while we  don’t have the answers to that, we do have answers on the impact of Brexit on ethnic minorities.

Firstly, there are still ethnic minorities coming to […]

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How to utilise sport to communicate with ethnic audiences?

Families across the world came together to watch the 2019 Cricket World Cup with approximately 2.6 billion people tuning in at some point to watch the competition making it by far the biggest cricket tournament of all time, as well as one of the biggest multicultural marketing opportunities.

With 8 million people watching the final from Britain alone, not to mention the rest of the world, there was to be a super over or 6 balls each, most runs wins […]

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GottaBe! launches London office

Whether you’re thinking of shopping on one of Europe’ busiest streets by number of visitors, you probably were thinking of Oxford Street! For decades, Oxford Street has been the ‘go-to’ shopping street in London with retail development starting back in the 1900’s.The 1.5-mile-long street once upon time was the main road to Oxford, back then called Tyburn Road. Now with over 300 stores including some of the most known stores such as John Lewis or Selfridges, Oxford Street is visited […]

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Happy birthday… to us! We’re now 11!

11 years of doing what we do best have passed in no time at all, and we couldn’t be happier. We celebrated our birthday in style this year. A trip to the bar (thanks for hosting us Revolution!) with a big birthday cake is the best way to commemorate the occasion, don’t you think? 

We have had an absolutely amazing week surrounded by our family and friends as well as esteemed colleagues, partners and clients. Sounds like fun? The good […]

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Say “hello” to Michał

Our ever expanding team would like to welcome our newest edition to GottaBe!, Michal has joined us in 2019 to take-over GottaBe! Health, our health division as well as supporting our ethnic customers.

Michal’s bi-lingual ability is set to fortify our diverse client base over the coming years as we push to expand our innovative marketing to all areas of the community. He brings his experience from the estate industry, where “keeping a healthy relationships with our customers over 120 branches” was his main role. Michal says […]

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Reach the Polish Community in a unique partnership between GottaBe! and RMF FM

Are you looking for a unique way to target the Polish community in the UK, Ireland or any other European country?

GottaBe!, an award winning ethnic marketing agency is offering their Clients an exclusive way to advertise on air of the biggest radio station in Europe – RMF FM, a multi award winning radio station based in Poland. Every day tens of thousands of Poles living away from Poland choose to listen to RMF FM – whether its directly through their […]

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Why are we based in Southampton!?

Nested in the middle of the south coast of England, sits Southampton; an up and coming city that has recently been voted as the most economical city in England and is also one of the best places to live and work in the UK. Here at GottaBe!, we are immensely proud to hold our headquarters in this fun and exciting city and having been here for ten years now, we want to tell everyone why Southampton is so important.

Home to […]

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FreeSports and Premier Sports turn to GottaBe! for ethnic marketing support

This year, GottaBe! Ethnic has been extremely successful through its press release on broadcasting the Polish Speedway. Working with the client, GottaBe! successfully translated the announcement. It stated that Premier Sports and FreeSports are now delighted to say that they will be television the Polish Speedway LIVE this season in the UK. This is a big event in Poland, and with multi-ethnic communities increasing, it is important to make them feel like they are home. On Sunday 8th April, the […]

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Tasty sampling for instant healthy bites

GottaBe’s is working with Tasty Bite, an all-natural, healthy, ready meal brand, who specialises in Asian dishes. We have been working with this company for nearly a year and run a campaign every week in various locations such as health food stores, Wholefood stores and Dhamecha Cash and Carry.

We promote this brand through in-store sampling activities where customers visiting the stores can taste the products and see how simple and easy they are to cook. As well as this, […]

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Health in Leeds – ethnic marketing campaign for NHS

This winter, GottaBe! ethnic has been working on the NHS Leeds campaign, helping Eastern European communities to stay well this winter

Staying well over winter and beyond is a key focus for a campaign launched on Monday 5thFebruary by the NHS in Leeds targeting people from Eastern Europe.

After facing an extremely harsh winter, NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) Partnership is working with members of the city’s Polish, Romanian, Czech and Lithuanian communities to help them understand how they can access […]

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Promotional campaign to recruit BME students

The University of Chichester and Middlesex University take great pride in the courses that they have to offer to all students. The team at GottaBe! have just ran a successful multicultural marketing campaign with them where they targeted BME students from an ethnic minority to sign up to summer open days and apply to study there. This was done at both universities through integrated marketing communications including direct and digital marketing.

This campaign involved online and offline that contained information on […]

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Diversity is on the rise: why your business should consider targeting BME groups?

In a world of diversity where Britain’s ethnic communities are constantly growing, it is important to take these communities into consideration to maximise marketing opportunities. What’s more, black and minority ethnic (BME) groups with be twice as large as they are now by the time we reach 2045.

The UK’s multicultural community has a disposable income of £12 billion, and with this figure continuing to increase, the future is held in these customer’s hands. After establishing why, the next vital step […]

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When to target ethnic communities? Key dates in Q4

With a number of key events happening in Q4 of 2017, Shannon Dunne, Account Support Executive at GottaBe! Ethnic has put together a list of dates that you may wish to consider when planning your multicultural activities. 

When it comes to marketing and especially retail, it is important to be on top of key events and their dates throughout the year. Planning ethnic field, experimental marketing, or PR work in advance is beneficial because it creates a good amount of time ready for […]

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How to target ethnic minorities? – Online Channels

In one of our most recent blogs, we discussed offline channels and how to run an ethnic marketing campaign. However, with the internet constantly growing and the rise of social media channels, there are a number of new ways to advertise and market your brand or products. What’s more, online marketing is easier to track and to measure the ROI. In today’s post, we will look at some of those channels.

Social Media

When thinking of social media channels, we instantly think […]

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What Can Market Distribution Do for Your Company?

One of the main reasons why successful companies gain significant growth, is that they really do make the effort to understand their target audience. One of the most popular, and effective ways of doing this, is to use customer distribution.

To put this simply, this process allows you to identify and recognise the specific demographics that exist within your customer target audience.

The more you know about who you are marketing, the more likely you are to develop the brand and marketing […]

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How to target ethnic minorities in the UK? – Offline Channels

One of the most frequently asked question by current and prospective clients, is ‘how do I target ethnic minorities in the UK?’. Well, there are several ways and today we will explore some of the best.

Just like mainstream audiences, there are several channels that we can adapt for ethnic markets as part of a marketing campaign, whether this is offline or online. In this blog, we’re going to look at the offline channels of promotion that are available to you.

Offline […]

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As featured on…

Since the launch – in March 2008 – GottaBe! has been featured in number of newspapers and magazines, whilst our colleagues were also interviewed by various TV and radio stations from all of the World. 

The list of media that featured GottaBe! includes likes of BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, RMF FM, ITV News, Channel 5 News, The Sun and more.


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Christmas 2016 – Opening Hours

Opening Hours during the Holidays

Another year is upon us and as we are entering the festive time of the year, we would like to advices our Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Staff of the revised opening hours at GottaBe! HQ.


23.12.2016 – 9am -2pm

24.12.2016 – CLOSED (Christmas Eve)

25.12.2016 – CLOSED (Christmas Day)

26.12.2016 – CLOSED (Boxing Day)

27.12.2016 – CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

28.12.2016 – CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

29.12.2016 – CLOSED

30.12.2016 – CLOSE

31.12.2016 – CLOSED (New Year’s Eve)

01.01.2017 – CLOSED (New Year’s Day)

02.01.2017 – CLOSED (Bank […]

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Winning new Clients – tips for non-British businesses

Winning your first Client is very important and we have covered it in one of the first blog posts. However, many businesses run by non-British entrepreneurs tend to focus on a single market – in most cases on their own nationals. However, with UK population at 64.3 millions and only 9.1 million of them from ethnic minorities, this leaves us with more than 55 millions to target.

Who wouldn’t want more customers? Equally more customers mean more profit. Today, I would […]

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Bringing a taste of home to various events

When travelling to a foreign country, one of the first things we do is try the local delicacies, sampling new flavours and dishes that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy in your own country.

This also reflects on one of the last things you we on our visit, when we tend to purchase our favourite treats we have tried to bring back to friends and families at home.

However, with the rise of globalisation and free movement of not only people, […]

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When Is The Best Time To Target Students?

Throughout the year, many companies target students with marketing campaigns, tapping into a lucrative market that can be individually targeted around key dates in the student calendar. This is because times of celebration, receiving money and welcome events, are significant to student life.

Therefore, below is a list of key dates and periods that we target students for our clients: 


A-Level Results & University Clarification Day

On the 18th August 2016, dreams for many will be made, as A-Level students receive their A-Level […]

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Rewarding Hardwork With Lebara

With lovely soft fluffy bases and butter cream toppings covered in a sugary delight, there are few foods that sing “I am delicious’ like a cupcake.

They sing even more heavenly when offered to you by one of our Brand Ambassadors in the street, on behalf of Lebara, for their new 30 day – Hardworking Plan For Hardworking People – SIM card.

Our Brand Ambassadors have been mingling with the hardworking public at locations including Walthamstow, Luton, Slough, Peterborough and Hounslow, handing […]

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GottaBe! Ethnic Welcomes A New Addition To The Team – The Digi-Van!

Digi-Vans are like the Batmobiles of direct marketing, a mobile billboard that can be driven directly to your intended target audience, fighting past the impracticalities of fixed billboards, to be your advertising hero!

Unlike fixed advertisements found on billboards or on bus stops, Digi-Vans offer a unique experience, as they can pretty much go wherever your target audience is located.

Adding flexibility to outdoor marketing, we create bespoke routes that specifically target locations where your target […]

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Sampling With A Spice

In the UK we all have a soft spot for Indian food, it doesn’t matter if we get it from a takeaway or make it at home, it’s a meal all households love. 

Recently, GottaBe! has been carrying out a number of sampling activities for Kohinoor, who are the second largest food brand in India, with a worldwide presence in 65 countries.

If you are a regular visitor to Cash & Carries across London, you may […]

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The Freshest Samples In Town

GottaBe! Ethnic has been providing a number of Asian Brand Ambassadors to work across London and the Midlands, on a mass sampling campaign for Dabur International.

Dabur started from humble beginnings in 1884 out of a small clinic in the Indian city of Kolkata and has become one of the most trusted healthcare brands in the world.

The sampling activity has involved our Brand Ambassadors visiting a number of mosques, handing out Dabur’s Miswak toothpaste product […]

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At GottaBe! HQ we love giving opportunities to students to help them learn and develop in the world of marketing.

Over the past couple of years we have welcomed University students on 3-month placement programmes, offered work experience to students over varying periods and enjoyed the presence of an apprentice.

Now the GottaBe! team – in particular, the GottaBe! Ethnic team – has had the pleasure of working with Joanna, an Erasmus student who has […]

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The Spectacle of Christmas Marketing

With Christmas fast approaching, the seasonal deluge of marketing campaigns from the world’s biggest brands begins to excite every one of our five senses. As early as late October we are already made aware that Christmas is coming, as adverts begin to inch their way on to our screens and into the pages of magazines and newspapers, drumming up the excitement. Christmas marketing is essential for businesses to have a successful festive period and for some brands people look forward […]

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24 Days of GottaBe!

Following the popularity of last year’s Advent Marketing Tips, help GottaBe! count down the days to Christmas with our Christmas advent calendar and enjoy 24 days of virtual chocolate through the wonderful world of social media.

To speed up the hours and distract your minds from the turkey and presents, we will be posting a mixture of 24 facts, offers, and marketing related tips, to add a little extra sparkle to your day and indulge you further […]

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How Black Friday is taking the UK by storm?

Traditionally, Black Friday marks a key date in the American calendar where consumers go crazy in what is seen as the unofficial countdown to Christmas. It marks the first Friday after Thanks Giving and has become the busiest retail day of the year in the United States, with huge discounts given to shoppers for one day only. However, whilst the use of ‘traditionally’ begins this article, how traditional really is this American day?

Black Friday originated in Philadelphia around the 1960s […]

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‘Try before you buy’ – why brands should use product demonstration?

‘Try before you buy’, is a phrase once made famous by popular daytime TV show To Buy or Not to Buy, where prospected home buyers were given the opportunity to try out a property before buying. Whilst this is very uncommon in the property world, ‘try before you buy’ is ever present in the consumer market, with product demonstrations vitally important in retail spaces and product sampling key to influencing your customer’s decision. 

Kirsten Osolind, CEO of re:invention explains that “In-store […]

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Why ethnic marketing should be part of your 2015 plan?

Britain’s multicultural population is booming and has an ethnic population of over 8 million accounting for around 13% of the total population. Each year the ethnic population is steadily growing by on average 2.5%. The UKs multicultural population has a disposable income of over £300 billion, and it isn’t surprising to see that multicultural Britain is where the future customers are. However, surprisingly it is estimated that 30% of companies make no effort to market to multicultural societies.

The IPA New […]

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The value of Halloween

So with UK shoppers spending more than £300 million throughout the Halloween period in 2013 (AOL, 2013) this year is going to be bigger and better than the last; that’s a guarantee, but still far from our friends across the pond in the US where they were reported to have spent over $6.9bn on costumes alone last year.

So what is the main attraction of Halloween and why are the Brits spending more on this American led tradition and the impact it […]

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Why experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a perfect way of providing a tangible experience for the consumer. Whether it be through online platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or even better, in person.

Social media is a great way to connect with your target but nothing beats a hands on experience. An experiential experience allows consumers to interact and get a real feel for the product and brand. Also providing them the chance to come to a conclusion themselves, rather than being bombarded […]

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Top tips for hiring a field and experiential marketing agency

Hiring a field and experiential marketing agency can be a difficult decision, choosing the right one might be even harder. Hopefully, with our top tips, you will find it a little bit easier! 

Top tips for hiring a field and experiential marketing agency

Don’t be a keen bean – It is crucial to be 100% certain that you want to hire an agency. Don’t send out a proposal request before you are sure. Look at every aspect the agency can offer you […]

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Stores merchandised for Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea – the world’s premium tea brand – has appointed GottaBe! to merchandise hundreds of stores nationwide, including those within M25 corridor. 

Our Brand Ambassadors has to merchandise the stores with hanging boards, open/close signs, shelf talkers and leaflets with information about the products on offer.

The aim of the activity was to raise brand awareness and presence of Ahmad Tea within the retail environment.

GottaBe! was not only responsible for planning and executing the merchandising activity but also producing all of the […]

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GottaBe! to support 50 years of Southampton

GottaBe! have recently been given the opportunity to run a photography competition event for the 50 Years of Southampton celebration. The agency is involved in all aspects of the event from the planning, implementing and reporting and the team are buzzing in the office to support the city in such an important event.

– As a local business who has been established in Southampton for over 6 years, we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to run and manage […]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the GottaBe! HQ

It’s the recent trend we are all seeing through social media. Practically everybody is pouring ice-cold water over them-selves and donating money to charity. Ice is selling out when temperatures are dropping, the supermarket buyers must be thinking what’s going on?

Managing Director of GottaBe!, Tomasz Dyl has not been shy of completing his challenge. Tomasz has always been up for a good challenge and especially for a great cause such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and donated to the charity […]

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Volunteering at Boaz Project

Volunteering requires one to put forward their time and life skills, freely, which often stems from the desire to help a certain cause. People volunteer for varied reasons, however there are probably a few reasons that are very consistent. It could be said that a lot of people volunteer to give something back to the community, which they will find rewarding and can be seen as a personal challenge, to try and make a difference.

Working with a charity, even […]

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Newsletter delivered to 60,000 homes

The GottaBe! team having been working closely with Field Palmer estate agents for a number of years; supporting them with a successful door to-door leafleting campaign.

Throughout the months of July and August, the GottaBe! Brand Ambassadors will be delivering 60,000 leaflets to homes and apartments in and around the Southampton postcodes.

Field Palmer continues to offer an outstanding professional service and a fair price. So look out for your Field Palmer leaflet in the next few weeks!

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GottaBe! supporting Apprenticeship Scheme by welcoming, 16 year old to the team

Thousands of students have completed their GCSE exams and are preparing for the future. Although most school leavers are relaxing for summer and are opting to continue their studies at Sixth Form College come September; for some, college can be seen as a daunting and unappealing option. Therefore some students seek alternatives like an apprenticeship scheme that offers the opportunity to delve into a specific sector, combining learning new skills, gaining qualifications and working in a team, all whilst having […]

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What is the difference between Brand Ambassador and Promoter?

All over the world, marketing brands are naming their promotional staff differently. Agencies are using ‘Brand Ambassador’, ‘Reps’ and ‘Brand Advocate’, to name just a few, as an alternative to the more generic ‘Promo Staff’. Why is this? What benefits does this bring? Does it make any difference to the work they do?

Promo Staff

The generic ‘Promo Staff’ label is the common term the public are used to and gives them an impression of staff that work within the promotional […]

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Travelling this summer?

GottaBe! has been selected by Lebara Mobile, an award winning low cost international pay-as-you-go-SIM cards provider, to support them with a product sampling and field marketing activity on board of DFDS Seaways vessels on Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes this summer.

Over the next few weeks, Brand Ambassadors will be working on board of 5 vessels and engaging with the public to raise awareness of Lebara Mobile’s latest offers and promotions. Furthermore, the promo staff are there to answer any questions […]

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Student talent at GottaBe!

The summer is here, university students are finished with their exams, therefore there is plenty of talent about and we are taking advantage of it! As featured in previous news updates, we have recruited seven university students to complete a summer placement programme with the HQ team in Southampton!

The successful students have been selected by our Booking and Talent Team from a list of over 90 applicants from a number of universities. Bringing new talent into the team allows for fresh […]

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More clients choose GottaBe!

The team at GottaBe! has been working very hard over the past few weeks and we are pleased to announce number of new clients.

Our new clients range from baby products, communications, recruitment consultants, FMCG to transport. We are a growing agency showcasing our services to a number of world recognised brands and will continue to offer our professional services to the new clients we have onboard.

A number of our new clients include:

MyFerryLink, a ferry company operating on the English Channel
Randstad, […]

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Buzzing for Charity

The GottaBe! got buzzing for charity! On Sunday the 23rd March, the team got all dressed up to take part in the Sport Relief 2014 charity fun run.

Buzzing For Sport Relief

The Managing Director Tomasz Dyl after persuasion from the Mayoress of Southampton; Marie White encouraged the team to dress as bee’s along with hundreds of other participants. The team managed to raise over £200 for the Sport Relief charity; the money raised will help support a number of individuals across the […]

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Summer placement opportunity

For number of years now, GottaBe! has been proud to offer summer work experience placements and internships at our HQ in Southampton! We are on hunt for new faces to join our award winning family (aka team) this summer.

Summer Placements At GottaBe!

If you are passionate about marketing and business and would like to gain experience in planning and executing field and experiential marketing campaigns for our blue chip clients, then do not hesitate and e-mail your CV along with a […]

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Operating hours throughout the Holidays

With only couple more sleeps till Christmas, we would like to update you on the opening hours of our office throughout the festive period.

Holiday Opening Hours

Throughout the Holiday Seasons, the office will be open on:

23rd December 2013                        09:00 – 17:30

24th December 2013                        09:00 – 14:00

25th December 2013                        CLOSED

26th December 2013                        CLOSED

27th December 2013                        09:00 – 14:00

28th December 2013                        CLOSED

29th December 2013                        CLOSED

30th December 2013                        09:00 – 17:30

31st December 2013                        09:00 – 14:00

1st January […]

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Calling all students – join our award winning team!

Calling all students – would you like to get hands on experience by working with some of the world’s biggest brands!?

Soon, you will have the opportunity at GottaBe!, an award winning field and experiential marketing agency, thanks to a joint project with Southampton Solent University whereby students will be able to join our team and be part of our family, whilst gaining a lot of experience. Loads of opportunities to be announced, from planning, getting media interest, executing the […]

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24 days of marketing tips

Traditionally, Advent Calendars were given to children to help them counting days to Christmas, this year GottaBe! is giving you their own advent calendar with a twist! Go on, lets make it more entertaining.

– Instead of giving our clients, suppliers and future partners and clients a chocolate every morning, we’re offering them a priceless marketing tip every day, right through to 24th December – said Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe!

Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to find out a […]

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Tomasz Dyl awarded Visiting Fellowship by Solent University

Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe! has been awarded Visiting Fellowship by Southampton Solent University’s Faculty of Business, Sport and Enterprise.
Southampton Solent University awards the title of Visiting Fellowship to distinguish partners from professional organisations who are closely associated with the University, through collaboration in teaching, research, consultancy or advice.

The title has been awarded to Tomasz for his continued contribution to the University. For a number of years, Tomasz has been involved in running master classes, mentoring as well as […]

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Engage with ethnic minorities

Earlier this week, GottaBe! has launched a dedicated website for GottaBe! Ethnic, an integrated communications agency, providing marketing solutions for targeting multicultural audiences. Check it out at

Ethnic Marketing With GottaBe!

From consultancy, strategic planning, copywriting, PR, experiential through to translations, design and print. What is also important, the team at GottaBe! Ethnic does it all. In-house too, so no middle man involved to cut the costs.

– With over 120 languages spoken today in the UK and immigration on the rise, it’s never […]

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Call the World from 1p a minute

Lyca Mobile, a leading PAYG international SIM card provider with over 30 million customers and a new one joining every 2 seconds have been working with 

GottaBe! to successfully promote their new offer – 1p per minute for calls to landlines and mobile phones in many destinations, including China, India, Lithuania and Poland. 

The field marketing activity, where a team of Brand Ambassadors have been handing out Lyca Mobile SIM cards along with some promotional merchandise happened outside train stations, community events […]

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Field Palmer goes door-to-door with GottaBe!

A leading estate agent in lettings, sales and property management, Field Palmer, has chosen GottaBe! as their marketing partner for door-to-door leafleting campaign. 

Over the last few weeks, a team of Brand Ambassadors have delivered more then 50,000 leaflets across Hampshire, all of them on a single base drop.

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Tomasz Dyl wins Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Last night, (Friday, 12th July) the South Coast Business Awards 2013 were handed out and we’re proud to announce that Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe! is the winner of Southampton City Council Award for Southampton’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

This goes to show that hard work pays off – Tomasz has started the South’s leading field and experiential marketing agency at the age of 17, whilst at college.



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COGS Awards: Shortlisted in STAFFING Category

Shortlisted In The COGS Awards

We’re delighted to announce that hard work of our team, Brand Ambassadors and Events Managers has been recognised and we have been shortlisted in the STAFFING Category at this year’s COGS Awards, run by the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM).

– Being shortlisted in the Staffing Category is a big achievement itself. Its our clients, who have taken their time out to nominate us for the great work that we have delivered for their brands – said Tomasz Dyl, […]

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Experiential Marketing Whitepaper

Thanks for checking me out! If you are looking for the Experiential Marketing Whitepaper then let me tell you the secret – its almost here. Well, the paint is just drying off – give us couple of days and it will be available to download it.

Can’t wait!? Feel free to contact us and we will be able to happy to have a chat with you over a coffee about experiential marketing.

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10 tips on Experiential Marketing

When planning an experiential marketing campaign / gig, its important to consider many things. To make your life easier, the creative team at GottaBe! has prepared  a list of 10 tips – most important bits for you to remember when planning next campaign.

Should you need any help with one or more of those aspects, then please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call, we will be happy to help

Experiential Marketing Tips

1. Pick the right venue:

·         Shopping […]

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New, cool, job market just been launched!

Hey Brand Ambassadors and Event Managers, we have just migrated on to our new staffing database at

This database is where GottaBe!’s Booking & Talent Team will be publishing all of our job opportunities, giving you the freedom to apply to more work. Before you can apply for any jobs, you must register with us. Do it now and don’t miss out on the up coming fun promotions that we have lined up for you this summer.

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On the go? Check out our mobile friendly website

GottaBe! has now launched its brand new website in a mobile format. If your always on the move or are working away from your office, then visit us on your mobile!

We now live in a society that uses the internet more than ever before and this has spread through to our mobile and tablet devices. Therefore, it only made sense for us to launch our brand new website in a mobile format to make it even easier for you to […]

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Tomasz shortlisted for Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Earlier this week, Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe! has been shortlisted for Southampton City Council Award for Southampton Young Entrepreneur of the Year (YEOFT) as part of the South Coast Business Awards 2013. 

The award is given to an individual, aged 30 or younger, whom the judges consider can best demonstrate exceptional vision and leadership in the establishment and development of a strong belief in oneself.

Tomasz has receive a total of two nomination for the Award; one by Sarah Dunlop of […]

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Our client shortlisted for an award

The management of GottaBe! would like to congratulate Magazyn PL for being shortlisted for the Student and Graduate Start-Up Business of the Year award.

Since the launch of Magazyn PL in December 2012, GottaBe! has been providing promotional staff to sample their weekly magazine during key events in Southampton, Bournemouth, Reading & Basingstoke.

Magazyn PL is a leading Polish weekly magazine that reach out to Poles living and working across Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire and West Sussex.

No related posts.

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GottaBe! sponsors MarketingWeek Engage 2013 Awards

GottaBe! is proud to be one of the category sponsors of MarketingWeek Engage 2013 Awards. – We are pleased to sponsor this year’s In-Store and Shoppers Marketing Award – said Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe!

The Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 21st May 2013 at Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane in London.

The Management of GottaBe! would like to wish best of luck to those who were shortlisted in the In-Store and Shoppers Marketing category.

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Solent University’s You Can Do It Too campaign

Throughout April and March GottaBe! has been supplying promotional staff to Southampton Solent University to support them with a field marketing activity to promote their Graduate Development Scheme and You Can Do It To programmes.

Brand Ambassadors were engaging and sampling graduate development scheme booklets as well as capturing data and driving traffic to Graduate Jobs South’ website.

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