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GottaBe! is an award winning, field and experiential marketing agency, based in Southampton. With two offices in the UK and a third office in Ireland, GottaBe! offer services on a Pan-European level, working with companies both large and independent.

Throughout GottaBe!’s 12 year history, the agency has challenged the market, continually grown – year on year – and ensure that we remain unique. Each of our ideas are created with a client in mind.

Our work has enabled us to work across the market from FMCG, technology, finance, telecoms, pharmaceutical and beyond. We are proud to be working with some of the world’s biggest brands and we also love working with start-ups too.

Our team has different backgrounds and a vast array of experience and we make sure to utilize our skills in order to keep GottaBe! a full-service, agile agency.

“Gotta”, contraction “Got to”, meaning it has Got To Be us!


By engaging with your consumer and immersing them within your products or services, you involve them in the entire experience of your brand.
At GottaBe! we believe in a mantra of quality over quantity, which enables us to maximise the coverage of every campaign.
To do this, we offer our clients everything under one roof, which enhances our contact with your target audiences and ultimately increases your brand exposure.


We have been around a while now and know a few things about how to take brands to the next level and how to raise their profile through PR and marketing. Our consultancy service will enable you to gain perspective on what your business could be doing in order to reach that next level and how best to do so.

Multicultural Promotional Staff (Bi-Lingual)

In addition to event management, GottaBe! Ethnic is proud to offer a variety of professional, hard-working and bi-lingual promotional staff to work events. Our roster contains over 4,000 individuals from all across the United Kingdom and from an array of backgrounds.


We are highly aware of the fact that ethnic minorities here in the UK are not targeted in the native languages and as a result, brands are missing out on gaining these communities as new clients. Our translation service here at GottaBe! Ethnic can enable you to reach these individuals in an array of languages and will hopefully gain you these new customers.


PR gets your brand in the right places, in front of the right people. We refer to our little black book of contacts in order to generate a buzz around your products and get people talking about them. Whether its a particular magazine, segment on a television show or on a desired blog, we will work round the clock to raise your brand awareness. We have years of experience doing this and would be more than happy to represent you!

Merchandising in Ethnic Shops

Our merchandising service allows us to promote a client’s products through visual displays, promotions and through producing strategies and price points. This all centres around the POS and how we can best generate sales for you.

Events Management

Our event management services somewhat go hand in hand with our experiential marketing services. This is because hosting an event enables consumers to get closer to your brand and engage with it. This is a prime opportunity as you can utilise this and subsequently generate new leads and data.


This form of marketing creates a closer relationship between brand and consumer, by immersing them in a fun and interactive experience. We offer this service across the country and is something we have been doing for a long time now. It has proven to be one of the best ways to get customers to spread excitement around a brand via word of mouth.

Media buying and planning

Advertising is an interesting landscape. It can turn a brand into a week-long talking point for its brilliance, yet can also cause a PR team to go into overdrive on damage control. When advertising a brand, it has to be very carefully considered. That’s where we come in. We can produce a strategy on where and how we think you should be advertising, the content you should use for particular campaigns and then we can manage the negotiations of prices for you.


Here at GottaBe! Ethnic we are capable of printing a whole host of materials, including business cards, flyers, postcards, posters and more! Printed materials are still very much an effective method of marketing a brand and its products/services and we are big believers in its efficiency.

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Digital & Social Media

Digital marketing is the method used by brands and marketers whereby digital technologies, display advertising, mobile devices and the internet are employed to market a brand and its products. We know how to put these sites, platforms and softwares to work and can provide you with services that include social media management and PPC campaigns.


We are proud to offer our Digivan to clients, enabling them to get their brand and products out there to countless consumers. Through this, they can not only further spread the message about their brand, but drive footfall to pop-ups, presence at an event, etc. It’s a great way to reach a high-number of customers, both potential and current in targeted locations.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Live events and exhibitions, to an extent, tie in with experiential marketing as marketers hosting an event are enabling consumers to get closer to the brand and utilise this time to generate new opportunities to collect leads and data.

Key facts

Stay one-step ahead with Multicultural Marketing, the numbers are for all to see!

1 in 6
People living in the UK are from an Ethnic Minority
The spending power of Ethnic Minorities in the UK
1 in 5
UK companies reach out to Ethnic Minority consumers
of Ethnic Minorities feel UK media has little or no relevance to them


We are humans, not robots and here at GottaBe! our sole purpose on this Earth is to interact with our clients’ target audiences, but to do this we need you to get in touch to let us know what you’re after.

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