EU Settlement Scheme Whitepaper

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Following the UK’s exit from the European Union; EU EEA and Swiss citizens are required to complete the EU Settlement application to obtain UK immigration status. 

In the UK there are over 9 million people from an ethnic minority group. However, within all the facts and figures surrounding ethnic minorities, there is one keyword we must understand: communities.

GottaBe! Ethnic understands that each ethnic community is different; they have varying consumer needs, tastes and behaviours, they are constantly evolving and changing and this is what makes us multicultural marketing specialists.

Read our EUSS Whitepaper to understand how best to reach ethnic minorities in the UK. Our handy document includes all the information your brand needs to understand how to best reach your target audience. 

Businesses in every sector/industry can benefit from targeting ethnic communities. Contact the GottaBe! Ethnic team today to have a chat with one of our multicultural marketing specialist!