How Ethnic-Targeted OOH Can Improve Your Brand

7th August 2023

Out-of-Home advertising refers to any form of advertisement that can reach consumers when they are outside of their homes. This can be marketing communications on billboards, posters, digital screens, and advertising on public transit, among other things. The out-of-home (OOH) advertising market in the United Kingdom is significant because it provides visibility and reach unrivaled by other media forms. 

This type of marketing ensures that your message is conveyed to a large audience, particularly for ethnic audiences, where buying decisions are driven by more of ethical considerations than the general population. Strategically positioning OOH advertisements in locations close to popular ethnic stores or places of worship or using transit adverts can be a game-changer for brands and increase brand loyalty amongst ethnic communities. 

Advertising campaigns that are culturally relevant and targeted at diverse ethnic communities provide a sense of connection and help increase awareness about the brand for these communities. OOH can also help reduce cultural barriers, increase brand awareness, and help the development of brand loyalty among individuals who fall into these categories. 

How can OOH campaigns targeted at ethnic groups improve a brand?

  • Visibility and Reach: Rather than creating a generic OOH campaign, creating a focused campaign that speaks to the ethnic group would give better results. An example is the campaign by Toyota, where each campaign was created to fit each community and representation.  

    Making targeted advertising campaigns provides outstanding exposure in high-traffic sites, which ensures that a broad and diverse audience notices the campaigns. This exposure is especially helpful for reaching out to ethnic communities, many of which may be concentrated in certain neighborhoods or urban areas.
  • Better Engagement Rates: OOH commercials that are culturally relevant and inclusive, they yield improved engagement rates among ethnic communities. This is because these communications are more likely to speak to them directly. They are more likely to pay attention and respond to communications that resonate with their cultural experiences. 
  • Improved perception: Consumers have a more favourable view of brands that invest in advertising campaigns and are sensitive to the norms and customs of their cultures and of brands who try to take such factors into account. 

    This positive reputation attracts audiences not only from ethnic groups but also from a more diverse cross-section of the UK population.
  • The Retention and Loyalty of Consumers: When ethnic audiences have the perception that they are recognised and represented in the target market, they are more likely to become loyal customers of the brand in question. OOH advertising has the capacity to develop an emotional connection with customers as these ads are repetitive and the audience gets to see it over and over, which can lead to customers being loyal to a company for a longer period of time.

As a brand, understanding and engaging with these diverse communities can unlock new growth opportunities for your business. To read more about ways you can get your multicultural marketing done right, read our blog post here. 

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