Digital & Social Media

What Is It?

Here at GottaBe! we know our way around a computer and that includes a vast understanding of how to use the internet. We know how best to use it in order to raise brand awareness, grow your following on social media or drive sales through your online presence. We are also in the know about the preferences of ethnic communities' digital experiences.

You would be surprised at just how the preferences differ from demographic to demographic. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Nasza Klasa, GG or something else, we know where you need to be and for which audiences.

We have worked with programmatic advertising in the past so can help you whether it is display advertising or programmatic. GottaBe! Ethnic is proud to be leading the way through disruptive advertising, our team can negotiate deals with various platforms, whether it's the Times of India or RMF FM, we can get our clients' message in front of their target audiences.

Whether you need help with SEO, PPC, display advertising or affiliate links, we’re here. If the trouble is with being social, worry not, we’re a talkative bunch. We can produce content for you and communicate that with your audience. Be it text, photos, video or graphics, we can handle it for you.

We also know an influencer or two if you need a shout-out.

Facts & Figures

  • Over 100,000 followers reached through our digital campaigns
  • We have a vast network of influencers