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Western Union

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Client nameWestern Union
Western Union is the global leader in international money transfers. An American company, they have several divisions, with products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services. We are proud to say that we have been working with Western Union for many years now and here you can find a sample of the many campaigns we have executed on behalf of Western Union. Our work with the company has generally been on a bi-monthly basis.
DateJune 2016 - Present
Case studyWHSmith Kiosk Awareness, Merchandising Agent, Re-Branding, COVID-19 Safety Materials

We continually support Western Union across all their stores in the UK, specifically in this case our objective was to focus on raising awareness for Western Union kiosk’s that can be found in WHSmith stores. Our objective was to achieve this by removing old promotional material and replacing it with up-to-date branded materials.

This campaign also ran during the COVID-19 pandemic so it was important that within the promotional materials we were sourcing, selecting and installing that new and updated safety measures such as social distancing and protective screening were adhered to.


The mechanics of the campaign saw our team interacting with potential customers face to face, handing out money off coupons to encourage customers to use at these targeted locations within WHSmith stores. Our team also visited a number of WHSmith stores to give the stores these coupons to distribute themselves. We targeted WHSmith stores with an ethnic presence as we knew this would be successful for Western Union.

Within the WHSmith's stores our team also set up a number of merchandising and branding stalls to improve the presence of the brand within WHSmith.

Finally to ensure the success of the campaign we engaged a number of local businesses to help distribute coupons for the WHSmith kiosks. We targeted small business that were in close proximity to WHSmith stores, again considering the ethnic audience around these areas.


  • Promotional Staffing – Brand Ambassadors
  • Face2Face Engagement
  • Business Visits
  • Merchandising
  • Printing
  • Logistics
  • Media Buying and Planning
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