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Client nameShelter
Shelter is a UK charity working to end bad housing and homelessness across England and Scotland. Shelter work within communities to better understand and change situations that lead to homelessness and poor housing. Shelter is able to provide support locally, over the phone and online and can also provide legal support should it be needed. They pledge that for every £1 donated 79p is dedicated to helping people and the rest dedicated to fundraising.
DateAugust 2020 to December 2020
Case studyShelter's 'The Big Walk'

Shelter run an annual ‘Big Walk’ and through COVID we help to support this fundraising event. Our objective was to raise awareness for Shelter’s ‘Big Walk’ and ultimately drive participants to support and attend the event.

Specifically, we were targeted with encouraging people of ethnic backgrounds to engage with the fundraising event and attend.


Our campaign with Shelter saw us produce press releases for distribution in Ethnic Media and then work closely with a number of Ethnic Media publications to secure coverage and exposure. Ethnic Media is a great way of achieving this for our clients as it allows them to speak directly to their target audience. It also, as in this case, allows us to speak to target ethnic markets in their own language, something we have found very effective in this campaign and over.

As well as the media coverage we also partnered with a number of social media influencers to raise awareness for the campaign across ethnic groups.


  • Translations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Copywriting
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