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Shan Foods

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Client nameShan Foods
Shan is one of the biggest leading Pakistani culinary brands – offering authentic traditional recipes and home food solutions, focusing on excellence in all they do.

The key objective of the campaign was to showcase the brand’s Ginger Garlic Paste for how quick, easy and convenient it is to use in everyday cooking – whilst also being incredibly authentic and as fresh as it possibly can be.


Based on the criteria provided by our client at Shan Foods, we sourced relevant influencers and created a database inclusive of their key stats such as follower numbers, engagement rates, and country-wide reach.
The influencers who were selected for their reach, strong engagement rate, and ability to portray the Ginger Garlic Paste in a way that delivered the message that Shan intended – “Real Ginger, Real Garlic, Real Taste of Home”. Here’s who we worked with:
• @zaraazii
• @vegetarianhotspots
• @chetnamakan
• @shelinacooks

We reached out to each influencer (or their agent where applicable) to find out their availability, recipe ideas, and cost per post/story/reel. This information was then passed on to our client, along with screenshots and profile links, to complete this Influencer Media Pack.
Throughout the process, we kept each influencer/agent fully informed of what was happening, what our client was thinking in terms of approving recipe ideas, and what the next steps were at every stage.


The whole campaign ran incredibly smoothly from start to finish – we were delighted with the outcome, as was our client representing Shan Foods and the influencers themselves as well. Here’s what some of them have said regarding working with us on this campaign:

“It’s been a pleasure! …Please send our thanks to Shan, it was a great campaign and great client, one that we would be delighted to work with again.”

“It was so lovely working with you on this campaign, I really enjoyed making the content for this!”

“Loved working with you and everything ran so smoothly. I’d be happy to work together again with your other clients.”

We’re so grateful for this incredibly positive feedback and are very glad to have been able to support Shan in promoting their Ginger Garlic Paste so well and so effectively!

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