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Bringing a taste of home to various events

When travelling to a foreign country, one of the first things we do is try the local delicacies, sampling new flavours and dishes that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy in your own country.

This also reflects on one of the last things you we on our visit, when we tend to purchase our favourite treats we have tried to bring back to friends and families at home.

However, with the rise of globalisation and free movement of not only people, […]

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GottaBe! Ethnic Welcomes A New Addition To The Team – The Digi-Van!

Digi-Vans are like the Batmobiles of direct marketing, a mobile billboard that can be driven directly to your intended target audience, fighting past the impracticalities of fixed billboards, to be your advertising hero!

Unlike fixed advertisements found on billboards or on bus stops, Digi-Vans offer a unique experience, as they can pretty much go wherever your target audience is located.

Adding flexibility to outdoor marketing, we create bespoke routes that specifically target locations where your target […]

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The Spectacle of Christmas Marketing

With Christmas fast approaching, the seasonal deluge of marketing campaigns from the world’s biggest brands begins to excite every one of our five senses. As early as late October we are already made aware that Christmas is coming, as adverts begin to inch their way on to our screens and into the pages of magazines and newspapers, drumming up the excitement. Christmas marketing is essential for businesses to have a successful festive period and for some brands people look forward […]

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How Black Friday is taking the UK by storm?

Traditionally, Black Friday marks a key date in the American calendar where consumers go crazy in what is seen as the unofficial countdown to Christmas. It marks the first Friday after Thanks Giving and has become the busiest retail day of the year in the United States, with huge discounts given to shoppers for one day only. However, whilst the use of ‘traditionally’ begins this article, how traditional really is this American day?

Black Friday originated in Philadelphia around the 1960s […]

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Why experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a perfect way of providing a tangible experience for the consumer. Whether it be through online platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or even better, in person.

Social media is a great way to connect with your target but nothing beats a hands on experience. An experiential experience allows consumers to interact and get a real feel for the product and brand. Also providing them the chance to come to a conclusion themselves, rather than being bombarded […]

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Top tips for hiring a field and experiential marketing agency

Hiring a field and experiential marketing agency can be a difficult decision, choosing the right one might be even harder. Hopefully, with our top tips, you will find it a little bit easier! 

Top tips for hiring a field and experiential marketing agency

Don’t be a keen bean – It is crucial to be 100% certain that you want to hire an agency. Don’t send out a proposal request before you are sure. Look at every aspect the agency can offer you […]

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Student talent at GottaBe!

The summer is here, university students are finished with their exams, therefore there is plenty of talent about and we are taking advantage of it! As featured in previous news updates, we have recruited seven university students to complete a summer placement programme with the HQ team in Southampton!

The successful students have been selected by our Booking and Talent Team from a list of over 90 applicants from a number of universities. Bringing new talent into the team allows for fresh […]

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More clients choose GottaBe!

The team at GottaBe! has been working very hard over the past few weeks and we are pleased to announce number of new clients.

Our new clients range from baby products, communications, recruitment consultants, FMCG to transport. We are a growing agency showcasing our services to a number of world recognised brands and will continue to offer our professional services to the new clients we have onboard.

A number of our new clients include:

MyFerryLink, a ferry company operating on the English Channel
Randstad, […]

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Operating hours throughout the Holidays

With only couple more sleeps till Christmas, we would like to update you on the opening hours of our office throughout the festive period.

Throughout the Holiday Seasons, the office will be open on:

23rd December 2013                        09:00 – 17:30

24th December 2013                        09:00 – 14:00

25th December 2013                        CLOSED

26th December 2013                        CLOSED

27th December 2013                        09:00 – 14:00

28th December 2013                        CLOSED

29th December 2013                        CLOSED

30th December 2013                        09:00 – 17:30

31st December 2013                        09:00 – 14:00

1st January 2014   […]

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Tomasz Dyl awarded Visiting Fellowship by Solent University

Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director of GottaBe! has been awarded Visiting Fellowship by Southampton Solent University’s Faculty of Business, Sport and Enterprise.
Southampton Solent University awards the title of Visiting Fellowship to distinguish partners from professional organisations who are closely associated with the University, through collaboration in teaching, research, consultancy or advice.
The title has been awarded to Tomasz for his continued contribution to the University.
For a number of years, Tomasz has been involved in running master classes, mentoring as well as providing […]

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