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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the GottaBe! HQ

It’s the recent trend we are all seeing through social media. Practically everybody is pouring ice-cold water over them-selves and donating money to charity. Ice is selling out when temperatures are dropping, the supermarket buyers must be thinking what’s going on?

Managing Director of GottaBe!, Tomasz Dyl has not been shy of completing his challenge. Tomasz has always been up for a good challenge and especially for a great cause such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and donated to the charity […]

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Volunteering at Boaz Project

Volunteering requires one to put forward their time and life skills, freely, which often stems from the desire to help a certain cause. People volunteer for varied reasons, however there are probably a few reasons that are very consistent. It could be said that a lot of people volunteer to give something back to the community, which they will find rewarding and can be seen as a personal challenge, to try and make a difference.

Working with a charity, even […]

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Buzzing for Charity

The GottaBe! got buzzing for charity! On Sunday the 23rd March, the team got all dressed up to take part in the Sport Relief 2014 charity fun run.

The Managing Director Tomasz Dyl after persuasion from the Mayoress of Southampton; Marie White encouraged the team to dress as bee’s along with hundreds of other participants. The team managed to raise over £200 for the Sport Relief charity; the money raised will help support a number of individuals across the UK and further.

After […]

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