What is DigiVan?

Our (not-so) little secret is our DigiVan.

The DigiVan is a way for us to advertise both directly and subtly simultaneously. Drivers or pedestrians will either notice the displayed advertisement on the DigiVan or they will subconsciously notice the advertisement.

Our DigiVan can travel to where you’re looking to target and can display static and video based content.

This service is a great addition to on the grind marketing, particularly if you are doing activations or have an event going on. This isn’t to say that our DigiVan doesn’t work as a stand alone service, either work very effectively.

If you’re opening a store, pop-up shop or supermarket or are holding another event, the DigiVan works in a complementary service to our event management, as it will drive footfall to the event.

In the past, we have previously utilised the DigiVan to loop videos, use as an interactive screen or live stream at events with a highly effective impact.

Facts & Figures

  • DigiVan promotion produces high numbers of awareness in a concentrated area
  • Can target particular audiences much easier.