GottaBe! Ethnic Calendar 2022

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1 in 6 people who live in the UK are from an ethnic minority group. It is important to understand the cultural and religious beliefs across the world, and to include this in your ethnic marketing. 

Currently, our research shows that only 1 in every 5 brands are targeting ethnic minorities, it is our mission to address this to ensure brand marketing is more inclusive. The spending power of the ethnic minorities in the UK is £300bn but brands are missing out on this as 69% of ethnic minorities feel UK media has little or no relevance to them. We know people are more likely to spend their money with companies they feel represented by, so it is important for brands to educate themselves on the cultures across the UK.

We understand it is hard to keep up to date with the many celebrations going on, and that is why we have the hard work for you. Download our Ethnic Calendar to keep you up to date with the many celebrations across the globe and Start planning now with our 2022 Ethnic Calendar!