Southampton’s Bid For City Of Culture 2025

25th August 2021

We are excited here at GottaBe! to announce we will be supporting the UK City of Culture Southampton bid 2025! The City of Culture competition is run by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) every four years. It is an exciting opportunity to bring the local community together.

The City of Culture was first awarded in 2013 and is yet to be won by a city in the South of England. The title brings a range of opportunities to the chosen city including new partnerships, increased local pride, and it also helps to attract tourists from across the UK and beyond. The City of Culture is held every 4 years and in the most recent bid, Coventry was the crowned City of Culture in 2021. As a city, Coventry has held a number of exciting and interesting events to celebrate the title, including bird watching walks guided by Flock Together, a collective that encourages people of colour to engage and feel welcome in green spaces.

Why Is The UK City Of Culture So Important?

The UK City of Culture competition is a great opportunity to celebrate local culture with a range of inspiring and inclusive events. Southampton is one of the 20 cities that has registered interest in the City of Culture 2025. They received 100 letters of support from local businesses in Southampton including one from us at GottaBe!. As a Southampton based business, we are very excited to be supporting Southampton’s bid for the City of Culture. Southampton is where our business started, and we continue to support the vibrant city by welcoming the bid for the people of Southampton and the local economy.

“We’re a city of connections. A maritime city, a meeting point of rivers, a port for a thousand years. Not just a departure point, but a destination, too. Home to people from more than 50 countries. A young, diverse city of culture, lots of culture. A city of innovation and enterprise, home to two universities.’’ – Southampton 2025

To further support the bid we’re excited to announce that we will be supporting Southampton’s Re:Claim festival along with Go Southampton in the build-up to the City of Culture 2025.

Re:Claim Southampton Street Festival

Re:Claim is a Southampton street festival that is set to be held on the 25th September 2021, after a successful tender bid the GottaBe! team is supporting Re:Claim alongside Go Southampton. GottaBe! won the bid and will support the 1st street festival in the hope that it will become a yearly event in the build up to the City of Culture 2025 and beyond. The objective of Re:Claim is to take back the streets of Southampton to promote the vast amount of diverse cultural and creative talent in the city whilst also removing cultural barriers. It also looks to showcase all that Southampton has to offer as a vibrant city in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The city will become a hub for street arts and street sports for one weekend a year. At this free event Re:Claim wants to celebrate the talent of the city and ask the wider community to join us in doing so. GottaBe! will be supporting the city-wide festival with our talented team working hard to raise awareness for this event. Our experts are also working with Go Southampton to design the imagery for the marketing of Re:Claim. They are also running the social media accounts and creating content for the event website as part of our comprehensive digital marketing service.

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