Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook

19th May 2020

Today is a very exciting day for the GottaBe! Team as we hosted our very first webinar: ‘Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook’.

£300 Billion Spending Power Of Ethnic Minorities

The session saw our Managing Director, Tomasz, introduce the agency before sharing the findings of a recent survey we conducted to learn about the advertising preferences and consumer behaviour of individuals belonging to an ethnic minority, here in the UK. This included facts and figures about the £300 billion spending power that ethnic minorities have in the UK alone.

Ethnic Marketing By Western Union

Once Tomasz had presented the findings, we introduced Andrea Simon – Retail Marketing Manager at Western Union – to the e-stage to share her point of view on the topic and also to discuss how Western union are best adapting their marketing efforts to reach different groups of consumers.

The final stage of the event took the shape of a panel, made up of social media influencers from different cultural backgrounds. Zara Azii, Archana Dhankar and Zahra Rose each shared their experience of working with different businesses and brands on digital content and their views of how this can be bettered for the future.

The Key Takeaways From Reach And Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook

  • One campaign does not fit all target markets
  • It isn’t just the marketing mix you use, it is crucial to consider timing, for example, is the campaign live around a particular annual event?
  • Brands and businesses must ensure they are working the right marketing/communications agency as some will overlook particular details with influencers of different cultures and ethnicities
  • Communicating to people in their native language is highly effective and worth trialling for future campaigns
  • Your brand’s messaging should be adapting to reflect those whom you are trying to engage with

Missed Our Webinar? Contact Us To Discuss Reaching And Engaging Multicultural Audiences

It was a really great event attended by representatives from companies including John Lewis, O2, Marks & Spencer and the University of Oxford. If you were unfortunately unable to make the webinar, worry not as we would love to welcome the opportunity to discuss reaching and engaging multicultural audiences with you. It could be that you’re simply interested or are looking for the best way to approach new markets and consumers. Either way, we are no more than a phone call or e-mail away! | +44 2039 762660

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