GottaBe! Wins GG2 Marketing Campaign of the Year!

10th March 2022

The GottaBe! team headed into London on Tuesday evening for the GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards, where we picked up the GG2 Marketing Campaign of the Year award! 

What is the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards?

The GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards were founded in 1999 by Asian Media Group. As Britain’s biggest Asian publishing house, the aim of the awards was to shine a spotlight on Britain’s most enterprising and talented black, Asian and minority ethnic high achievers. Today, it is the top award ceremony for inclusion, diversity, and leadership in the UK.

The GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards recognises Britain’s great cultural diversity. The awards bring together people from all walks of life to shine a light on the extraordinary, hidden talent within ethnic minority communities in Britain. There were some big winners of the night including Cricket star Azeem Rafiq who was awarded the GG2 Pride of Britain Award. Other categories of the night included GG2 Advertising Agency of the Year, the GG2 Inspire Award supported by the British Army and the GG2 Ram Solanki Beacon Award; the rest of the categories and winners can be found on the GG2 Leadership Awards site.

GottaBe! Wins GG2 Marketing Campaign of the Year!

It was an honour to attend the 23rd Annual GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards. We were thrilled to have been shortlisted for the award and were amazed to be chosen against some excellent campaigns that promote the values of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

“It’s great recognition for the hard work that the team has put into running the campaign. This campaign had a real purpose, and we are delighted that the judges have recognised this.”- Tomasz Dyl.

As a multicultural marketing agency, our mission is to encourage, educate and empower brands to connect with underrepresented communities across the UK. As it stands, only 1 in 5 people of ethnic background are targeted by brands in the UK; we are on a mission to improve this over the next 10 years and become champions for ethnicity, diversity and inclusion within the marketing industry.

This award signifies the hard work and dedication of the team here at GottaBe!. The campaign in question is one we worked on with the NHS to boost the vaccination uptake in ethnic minorities in Hampshire. Within the ethnic communities, there was a great misunderstanding and false information being circulated around the COVID-19 Vaccination. To ensure that the minority groups could make informed and educated decisions on the vaccine GottaBe! got to work connecting with ethnic touchpoints, which included Key people of interest, merchandising ethnic stores and reaching out to local employers. By delivering official information in the appropriate native language, we removed any barriers faced by the communities to ensure they could effectively access the materials. 

“The last two years have been difficult for everyone, and COVID-19 put its toll on everyone, so I’m glad the GottaBe! team got the chance to do something for our community in these difficult times. The campaign wasn’t easy, there were ups and downs, but I think it’s safe to say that thanks to the resilience and sense of community, GottaBe! and NHS achieved a huge success. I am thrilled to be holding this award, but I think it’s important to say that although we’re the ones holding it, this award is for everyone who has had even the tiniest involvement in the process. This recognition is an additional motivation for all of us to never stop and always strive for the best.” – Wiktoria Frackowiak, Client Success Lead, who managed the campaign on behalf of the Client.

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