GottaBe! Training Session With Thrive Tribe

10th August 2021

As a third party provider for the NHS, Thrive Tribe was struggling to communicate with the “hard to reach communities”. As multicultural marketing specialists, we were delighted to be asked to support Thrive Tribe and help them to understand how to reach ethnic communities. With 9.3 million people in the UK of different nationalities, our team understands the importance of Ethnic Marketing.

Who Are Thrive Tribe?

Thrive Tribe work with public health organisations and the NHS to help people make long term habit and behaviour changes through a range of lifestyle and wellbeing programs such as ‘stop smoking’ or ‘mental wellbeing’. Our experts attended Thrive Tribe’s training day to share our knowledge of working with ethnic groups and how to engage them in a variety of health related programs. The teams across the UK within Thrive Tribe felt they needed more support connecting with ethnic communities in their areas so they sought our guidance on the best practice.

Role Of GottaBe! Ethnic In The Training

To deliver our expert knowledge in an effective and engaging manner, our managing director Tomasz Dyl delivered a presentation to share our top tips on effectively communicating with the “hard to reach communities”.  We discussed many topics such as the importance of ethnic outreach. Having supported other health care providers such as NHS Southampton, we understand the benefit of translating educational promotional material with official translators to connect with the communities. As we know, 53% of the BAME community are more likely to be persuaded to buy into a product if it is communicated to them in their native language.

At the end of the presentation, Tomasz held a Q&A based on the material we shared with the participants. They asked some questions here are our favourites:

•          How do we integrate ourselves in community groups?

•          What 3 top tips do you have to ensure we are inclusive?

•          Where can we find the correct imagery when creating promotional material?

•          What events are going on in the Ethnic community?

Of course, we can answer all these questions and have since been in contact with the relevant Thrive Tribe teams to help support them further. GottaBe! offers not only training in this field but also the services to engage with ethnic minorities to help you get it right.

Outcome Of The Training With Thrive Tribe

The GottaBe! team were delighted that the training we delivered for Thrive Tribe was so well received. They told us our presentation was the best they had received and we achieved the best feedback when compared to the other training that was provided! And we know why! Our team are truly multicultural, and we have a pool of over 4,500 talented community workers that deliver updated insights into their ethnic communities. Our experts understand how to market, recruit, and reach minorities and we are passionate about doing so. We recently spoke at the Festival of Marketing on the topic – why can’t brands afford to neglect multicultural marketing.

Here at GottaBe! we don’t have any secrets, we just understand how to engage positively and respectfully. With over 13 years of experience, our founder and managing director Tomasz Dyl arrived in England knowing only a small amount of English and has created a multi award winning multicultural marketing agency. 30% of the migrant population are still unable to speak English fluently, which is a significant portion of the population when we consider the spending power that they have.

How GottaBe! Can Support You With Multicultural Marketing

GottaBe! can support your company and answer any questions you may have on multicultural marketing. Our team are already integrated within communities, and we have many contacts to help you with community outreach. Just give us a call on 023 8063 4283 or complete our contact form and you can schedule a chat with our ethnic marketing experts. Finally, here at GottaBe! we have created our very own ethnic calendar that is ready for you to download. You can expect detailed insights into the traditions of different ethnic communities and a guide to some of the events you can find throughout the calendar year. This will help you to targeting your audience at the right time.

Let's see how we can work together