GottaBe! Presents ‘Growth Untapped’

18th November 2020

On Wednesday 18th November 2020, GottaBe! welcomed a number of delegates from the financial industry to the latest in our series of webinars this year: ‘Growth Untapped: How Financial Brands Can Engage Multicultural Audiences’.

GottaBe! Has Worked With Large Financial Sector Clients

As some of you may or may not know, over our 12 years of operations, GottaBe! has worked with a large number of financial sector clients. This includes Western Union, Metro Bank, PayPal, Pol-Plan Insurance and Back Me Up. With these clients we have been able to work on campaigns nationwide and have varied between PR, merchandising, promotional staffing and online campaigns – including display advertising across ethnic media portals and an increasing number of influencer marketing campaigns. In addition to this we have consulted on the models and structures of these clients’ marketing strategies and initiatives. This work has gone on to win us a number of awards and recognition.

Sharing Our Experience To Help Financial Brands Reach Ethnic Minorities

It’s with this in mind that we felt we were appropriately equipped to host a webinar on this to best educate financial brands on reaching out to and engaging with ethnic minorities within the United Kingdom. We welcomed insurance providers, utility providers and credit card providers, to name a few, to join our Managing Director, Tomasz, and discuss how best to engage with these communities.

Prior to the webinar we worked on a survey that was distributed to different ethnic communities to ensure that we had up to date and accurate research ready to share with attendees. This survey measured how much trust these markets have in financial brands, their preferences when it comes to marketing and advertising communications and more about experience within the United Kingdom. Having collated this were able to educate our attendees with these results and through this allowed them to better understand where they may be in need of assistance.

Insights From Financial Brand Leaders At Pol Plan and PaySafe Group

As part of the ‘Growth Untapped: How Financial Brands Can Engage Multicultural Audiences’ webinar, GottaBe! was pleased to welcome two of our clients to speak: Wojtek Olejniczak – Commercial Director for Pol Plan – and Sergei Bulgakov – CMO of Skrill at PaySafe Group. Both Wojtek and Sergei discussed the companies they work at and the work they do to engage with multicultural audiences. The conversation covered how brands need could be engaging, what customers appreciate and how best to develop a relationship. We explored why 38% of the respondents only have a limited trust of financial brands and why 47% of the same group feel that marketing communications are not that relevant to them. The survey displayed an immense sense of loyalty with an average of two years of staying with the same providers before even considering shopping around.

Key Takeaways From ‘Growth Untapped’ For Financial Brands

As we drew towards the end of the webinar, it became glaringly obvious that the following takeaways and points were imperative to executing a multicultural marketing campaign.

  • E-Mail communications are the most preferred by ethnic communities
  • There are a number of financial brands that are already doing a good job, however more brands need to be making the effort
  • Each community is different and so each campaign needs be tailored to the audience
  • One way to really engage with and build trust with these audiences is to participate in local events and see these communities; learn about them and how your services could benefit them

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