GottaBe! joined WBL to support the Thames21’ project 

7th March 2022

The Thames21’ tree planting project is working with Enfield Council’s Restoration of Enfield Chase project to help create one of London’s newest woodlands. Throughout our partnership with Women’s Business Link, we have been encouraged to go out and get our hands dirty and do something for the environment. Last weekend GottaBe! joined Women’s Business Link in planting over 150 trees!

We spoke to the team over at WBL to find out how they got involved in the project and discuss the importance of your brand taking part in charitable events to provide a better future for the next generation. 

GottaBe! prides itself on our values and offer each of our employees 2 days a year to do charity work. Along with the time we put into the community, we often work with charities to support them, raising awareness of the cause. 

Our values here at GottaBe!

Be innovative 

Be creative 

Be quirky

Be open-minded 

Be respectful

Be polite

Women’s Business Link 

Women’s Business Link (WBL) is a networking group.  Set up by women, for women and was designed to inspire, enable and empower its members to reach their full potential, professionally and personally. WBL aims to provide a warm, supportive network of friends, not just colleagues. We spoke to Kate Boguslawska from Women’s Business Link about their experience with the Thames 21’ project. Here is what she had to say:

Why did you get involved in the project?

“Women’s Business Link is an organisation that aims to support and inspire its members. We get involved in a number of initiatives that progress women and improve their condition. Sustainability and environmental protection is very close to our hearts. Global warming is very real, and we observe its detrimental effect on a daily basis, but naturally, as women, we are worried about the longer-term effect and impact on the lives of future generations.” 

What does the project mean to you?

“The project is important on many levels. It builds the local ecosystem whilst enlarging London Green Belt, it will provide habitat for plants and animals but also an invaluable recreational space for walkers and cyclists. In addition, it will help reduce flooding in the area, which, whilst becoming increasingly common, is also dangerous. Thames 21 runs the project really well and also provides educational benefits.” 

Why is it important for businesses to give back to the community?

“Businesses have a bigger impact on the environment than individuals this is why they have to lead the way. For the planet to survive, businesses have to be managed responsibly and sustainably. They should support their local communities. Customers do pay attention. A business that is run responsibly and has a social purpose has a greater chance of attracting conscious and loyal customers.“

How did you find the event itself?

“The whole experience of planting trees, etc. Planting trees is a very rewarding experience. Not only does it have tangible effects that can be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren, but the activity also benefits us: it is a physical activity carried out in nature it has a positive effect on our bodies and our minds. The sense of achievement and satisfaction is second to none! I do recommend engaging in similar projects locally.”

Why is it important to get involved in community events?

As a business, you have a social responsibility as members of the community and as leaders. Not only is your business likely to make more of a negative impact on the environment due to the nature of the workplace, but it also has more opportunities to do something about it. Brands often share their pledge to do better for the environment, but by attending projects such as Thames 21’, you can prove to your audience that you are proactively helping. 

How does charity work benefit your brand?

Participating in charity work will strengthen not only your brand purpose but will benefit you financially as well as the satisfaction of doing something to ensure the future for generations to come. Brands that present truly authentic values are more trustworthy and therefore see a higher engagement rate with loyal consumers returning time and time again. This is financially beneficial as those loyal customers return, but they are also more likely to share recommendations with others. As we know, word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. 

Community events allow your team to bond outside of the workplace. It is proven that your mood is lifted when you do something good there for the mood in the workplace is lifted, and you will see an increase of more than 12% productivity and quality. 

Taking part in community projects also shows your consumers that you care. But this should not be a one-off; for consumers to believe you’re true in what you say, it must be a commitment that can be seen consistently across your brand.  Studies have found that millennials spend 70% more on brands that support causes they care about. The Charities Aid Foundation also found that 51% of British adults are more likely to buy a product or use a service if a company donated to charitable causes.

Join the Thames21’ project today to help them plant the remaining trees. With only 1 week to go, there are still 7 thousand trees to be planted. So why not get your team out in the open and make a difference for future generations? It will benefit you in more ways than one. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to join WBL in this project and can’t wait to get stuck into the next!

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