Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF) Women Entrepreneurship Programme

9th March 2021

We have been working closely with our client, Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF), to highlight the existence of the fantastic Women Entrepreneurship Programme that they offer. We have historically seen fewer female business owners in comparison to men, especially among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. ACF have recognised this and aim to inspire women to become key drivers of economic growth and agents for change in Wales and beyond.

ACF empower women with the ability to start and run their own MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) so that they can become financially inclusive and build their incomes as a result. This in turn can lead to a creation of jobs and a reduction in economic and social inequalities. The ACF Women Entrepreneurship Programme is free, easily accessible through virtual courses and aims to give women a brighter, fairer, and more prosperous future.

How could the ACF Women Entrepreneurship Programme benefit you?

  • Empowering women by teaching financial independence and the ability to run their own business, regardless of their current status. 
  • Personal growth, leadership skills and self-confidence gained through 2hr weekly sessions.
  • Free online course delivered via Zoom to a limited number in each cohort, in the comfort of their own home.
  • Whether a student, self-employed or unemployed, each cohort offers individuals invaluable knowledge and skills which will really help them to become financially inclusive and see themselves grow.
Women of different ethnicities smiling together.

What value have real-life women gained from completing the programme?

We have heard from a number of women who have completed the ACF Women Entrepreneurship Programme and who are happy to share their thoughts with you. If you aren’t sure about registering your interest then reading their experiences could greatly help you make your future a better one!

“It has allowed me to actualise my dreams of starting this business without compromising my religious obligations. It will allow me to overcome the initial barriers to start up as a Muslim woman. It is a really structured course with well thought out takeaway tasks/homework to get you really thinking. With expert knowledge from Marketing experts and other experienced business people, you get to benefit from real life experiences. I found the marketing and finances sessions very beneficial.” – Farhia Hersi

“Brought clarity to my entrepreneurial vision and improved my confidence. Very informative and good course, helpful tutors and a nice experience overall.” – Asia Kausar

“My business model definitely changed/modified from my initial idea. The knowledge shared has made me think outside the box!” – Karishma Thaladi

“This course increased my self-confidence and helped me visualise my business. One quote that resonated with me during this course is ‘every challenge has an opportunity’ so do not be afraid to think out of the box and follow your passion. I feel I have gained much confidence during this course and with ACF Women Entrepreneurship Programme. Thank you!” – Hannah Gazal

A common theme from participants is that this programme has really helped them to build self-confidence, learn new skills, and find within them the confidence needed to start their own business. This is exactly what the course is intended to achieve, thus it is really encouraging to see that it meets its desired goals.

How do I sign up to the women empowerment & entrepreneurship programme?

The ACF Women Entrepreneurship Programme predominantly aims to help women from the underprivileged BAME communities to access training, skills and finance required to start their own MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). It encourages women to build confidence and expand their networks with potentially the domestic, national and international markets. Register now on the ACF website to become empowered and see your dreams become a reality

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