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We're a specialist multicultural marketing agency that's been connecting global brands with the nearly 15 million people from diverse backgrounds in the UK since 2008 - and are now expanding into the Nordics.

Currently, ethnic minorities in the UK largely feel 'underrepresented' and 'ignored' by mainstream media... our mission is to ensure that this is no longer the case.

We have a unique understanding of audiences through insight, community, and innovation, ensuring we can reach and communicate effectively with minority audiences.


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The National Trust contacted us to help with their Everyone Welcome Programme, aiming to make their spaces accessible to everyone and promote diverse UK history.

We organised a film screening in London for Black History Month and created a documentary-style film about artist Richmond Barthé. The collaboration aimed to engage audiences authentically and effectively tell Barthé's story. Both the event and the documentary were well received.

The National Trust's site now features Barthé's story alongside other untold historical Black figures who shaped society today.


We've worked with Severn Trent on various campaigns, all of which aim to close the information gap between their customers.

Severn Trent's research found that in certain locations in the area they serve, they were having problems with blockages in the systems, especially in areas of ethnic minorities. Further research highlighted that these blockages, such as cooking oils, are caused by incorrectly disposed of food waste.

We were able to help Severn Trent close that gap through a range of channels such as; paid social, radio, Community outreach, translations, focus groups, and more.

Tommy's aims to make the UK the safest place to give birth by funding pregnancy research and addressing factors causing pregnancy loss.

The organisation got in touch with us and was tasked with raising awareness of Tommy’s Miscarriage Support Tool among Black women and birthing people who are at higher miscarriage risk.

The multichannel campaign included programmatic, paid social, and digital marketing, resulting in over 3 million impressions and 570 submissions.


We’ve been Western Union’s multicultural marketing partners for over 16 years and have recently expanded into the Nordics.

In 2022, we supported Western Union at Diwali on Trafalgar Square, their first event since lockdown, and engaged over 16,000 attendees. Our Brand Ambassadors distributed tea lights and bamboo boats, facilitating Rangoli arts and crafts, and promoting Western Union’s latest pricing.

The event, backed by the Mayor of London, featured six video ads and extensive social media coverage, enhancing brand awareness.


Because education is the key to understanding.


You've probably noticed or taken part in the questions box at our stand — and if not, make sure to do so! The team will take all of your questions (and others) and discuss them during our upcoming webinar, "Multicultural Marketing: Your Questions Answered."

We'll be covering everything from where to begin connecting with diverse audiences, online vs offline strategies, how to get buy-in from the team, creating an inclusive team, and more!

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Every year, we hold our EDI event to encourage and empower individuals from the marcomms industry to drive change regarding Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in marketing.

We record all sessions to ensure everyone has equal access to the information shared. You can listen to the panels from our previous two events in 2022 and 2023.

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