Why Purpose is essential for any brand!

1st July 2022

The purpose of business is the reason you do what you do and, most importantly, why you do it. Because anyone can do what you do (to a degree), why you do it sets you apart.

As you may have heard, Founder and Managing Director Tomasz Dyl was lucky enough to participate in Goldman Sachs’ 10k Small Businesses. As a part of the programme, he took the time to step back from his role at GottaBe! to work on the business. Whilst on the programme, he looked at our purpose and revaluated who we are and why we do what we do. 

Since Tomasz launched GottaBe! Ethnic over 14 years ago, a lot has changed, and to grow, we must be able to recognise this and put the steps in place to continue to develop. This blog will share the importance of a defined purpose for brands and look at GottaBe! Ethnic’s redefined purpose. 

The theory behind purpose Simon Sinek – Golden Circle Rule

The most popular Ted Talk of all time was delivered by Simon Sinek, who shared his Golden Circle Rule with the audience. During his Ted Talk, Sinek discussed the neuroscience behind his golden circle rule theory. This suggests that humans respond best when messages communicate with the parts of the brain that control emotions, behaviour, and decision-making.

Sinek’s theory is – by successfully communicating the passion behind the ‘why’ you can communicate with the listener’s limbic brain – the part of our anatomy that processes feelings such as trust, loyalty, and decision-making.

By communicating to the emotional part of the brain, consumers are left feeling more connected with your brand, and therefore, you will see a better return as they can build a level of trust. Sharing your why gives consumers a deeper insight into the thought process behind the business and allows them to become more emotionally invested. This relationship is what we want to build as we look to build brand affinity. 

What is the Golden Circle Rule?


Everyone knows what they do, and most market with what first. This does not mean it doesn’t work. But if you want to stand out, marketing what you do isn’t going to help you differentiate from the competition.  There will always be someone else who does what you do. 


Not all businesses know how they do what they do. But those who understand that it is how they do what they do that is their USP and differentiates them from the ones who know what they are doing. 


Your why is what makes you stand out! It is the thing that sets you apart from the rest as it tells your purpose, cause, or belief to your target audience.  Why you do what you do is not to make money but to inspire or change. Your why is the thing that made you start your business and why people choose you over the competition. 

When looking to make a change, break out into the market, or reintroduce yourself as a brand, you should always look at your purpose, cause or belief and tell the world why you are there. “Inspiring leaders regardless of size act and communicate from the inside out why to how not how to why.” – Simon Sinek Ted Talk.

People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it, and this is one of the most important things to remember when marketing your brand. Your why drives behaviour and sales and builds bonds when followed with a strong how and what; people can rationalise their feelings and make secure purchases. 

GottaBe! Ethnic’s Purpose

Our purpose is to build a bridge between consumers and brands through tailor-made solutions to enable targeting of the hard-to-reach audiences, to ensure we’re all represented and everyone has equal opportunities in today’s society.

As the sister brand of GottaBe! Marketing, we felt it was essential to differentiate our mainstream and ethnic services as our team have dedicated systems in place to target the individual groups. Marketing is about reaching set groups but to do this effectively within ethnic communities requires knowledge and expertise. And that is why GottaBe! Ethnic is different from other marketing agencies. We have a dedicated team who have spent years building connections in the ethnic communities and with media owners, so we know how best to engage the ‘hard to reach’. Our passion is to bring equal opportunities to all through marketing and ensure no one is left behind. 

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