Top 10 Ethnic, Diversity and Inclusion Influencers of 2023

What is influencer marketing? 

Leading, specialised content creators are used in influencer marketing to boost traffic, spread messages to target audiences, and increase brand awareness. Businesses can broaden their reach across their target audience thanks to this collaboration between brands and creators.

Influencer marketing operates across various channels, including social media, blogs, columns, digital and print ads, and television. Influencer marketing is increasingly popular among businesses because traditional advertising has become less effective at attracting leads and customers.

Since social proof and word-of-mouth advertising are now essential components of any effective marketing strategy, influencer marketing succeeds by utilising these strategies. Influencer marketing is not new, despite what many marketers believe. In essence, influencer marketing involves using a person who has a particular influence over many people. Influencer marketing was previously associated with celebrities appearing in magazines and television commercials. Still, in modern times, influencer marketing is typically associated with individuals who have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

The importance of ethnic influencers

Ethnic influencers are often overlooked despite the value they present and the connection they have to ethnic audiences. Not only should the industry be equal for those who choose to work in it, but it is important for ethnic minorities to feel represented online. Our research finds that while 1 in 6 people in the UK is from an ethnic minority, only 1 in 5 brands communicate with or target ethnic audiences.

86% of marketers plan to continue investing the same amount or increase their investment in influencer marketing, as 89% of marketers think that influencer marketing is just as effective (if not more so) than other marketing channels. Now is the time to start building relationships with ethnic influencers.

Top 10 Influencers of 2023

Shrikant Shela

Shirkant Shelar is a model with a base in London who produces content for his Instagram feed that focuses on style, fashion, and beauty. In addition, he has two distinct Instagram accounts, one of which is focused on food (@travelladoo eats) and the other on travel (@travelladdoo travels), with a combined following of 78,000.

Dine with Fari

Fari is a freelance content creator and eater with focus on London food and travel blogging. Her Instagram page has a fast growing following of 86,000.


A creator with a focus on natural hair and culture is Abibat, also known by the handle @abs.tract. Her Instagram feed primarily features videos showing how to care for and style natural hair.

Firdaus Hashim

Firdaus, aka @Masterramen, is a well-known influencer and gamer from Malaysia with more than 172k Instagram followers. The owner of the Malaysian PUBG team and a brand ambassador for Gank, a company that promotes the culture of video games, Firdaus is one of the best video creators in Malaysia.

Nabela Noor 

Nabela is a first-generation American-born Bangladeshi creator, activist, and businessperson. She encourages people all over the world to love who they are by using her platform, which has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Cherry Jain 

Cherry is a lifestyle and travel influencer who shares a great variety of Indian ethnic wear in various settings. She shows off her chic Indian ethic fashion on her Instagram platform which has a following if 198k. 

Harnaam Kaur 

Harnaam Kaur is a positive influencer who has PCOS, she raises awareness of the condition and embraces the effects it has on her body to her 164k followers on Instagram. 

Athena Valentine 

In blogs and on social media, Athena, aka @moneysmartlatna, expresses her love of money. She has a 1.6k-strong audience with whom she interacts regularly and shares advice on how to manage money more wisely.

Marvyn New Harrison

Founder of the BELOVD Group. Marvyn Harrison works tirelessly to raise awareness of race, identity, and inclusivity. He recently received the BBC Radio 1Xtra Future Figures 2021 award for ‘Making Black History Now’. With a combined reach of over 25k followers across his Instagram platforms, Harrison has a loyal following across ethnic communities.  

JP Angelo 

Jay aka @chefjayps is a Filipino chef and famous food influencer. He makes cooking and review videos for his 242k following on Instagram. 

How do you pick the ideal influencer for your company?

Although it might seem that influencers with a large following would be better suited for a campaign, it can actually be the opposite. It has been established that micro-influencer (those with 10k–100k followers) outperform macro- and mega-influencers due to their higher level of engagement. Since more brands want to work with influencers as they become more well-known, it is easy for them to lose their authenticity. However, the authenticity of the influencer is what keeps their followers so devoted.

Because they are successful at attracting audiences from within their own communities, it is crucial to support ethnic influencers and give them the credit they merit. 

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