Pop-Ups: How To Make The Most of Traffic

25th June 2020

Raise your hand if you’re familiar with pop-up retail. Obviously, we are unable to actually see if you did raise your hand, so we thought we’d start this blog post by clarifying that pop-up retail is the opening of a sales space for a short term period. It’s a popular trend in retail now with brands doing a pop-up space for a number of days, weeks or, on occasion a month, before closing. This often runs alongside a particular time of year or occasion.

The trend in pop-up retail began over in Los Angeles before pop-up fever became a globally favoured medium, in the rest of the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, Germany and Mexico. This $50 billion industry is fast becoming the preferred retail method for many brands, especially since the ‘retail apocalypse’ of the 2010’s.

In the past decade, many large and premium brands have acknowledged the opportunity that pop-up retail provides in which to create more of an experience that the day-to-day high street doesn’t always provide. The likes of Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Gucci, Collete and Comme des Garçons have all invested into trying pop-up stores. Marc Jacobs turned his hand to pop-up retail, he took it one step further by using social media as a currency in order to gain brand awareness and press coverage.

American rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West opened pop-up stores across multiple locations to promote the merchandise that was released alongside his album ‘The Life of Pablo’ to huge commercial success. The stores became the place to be in person and the place to document on social media. Customers queued for hours and left stock assistants worried due to the demand for products.

We Can Help You With Marketing For Pop-up Retail

With pop-up retail going from strength to strength, there has even become a need for companies that operate specifically for offering brands temporary retail spaces. This is something that has piqued our interest, here at GottaBe!.

Get Started With Pop-Up Retail Before Committing To Bricks & Mortar Retail

We recommend that if a brand is interested in moving into bricks and mortar, now is the time to be doing so through a pop-up first. You can create buzz around the brand and the store this way and with the store being a temporary fixture it will often leave customers wanting more. Don’t just dive into this though. Creating a strong pop-up space takes careful planning and consideration. Do you want to simply host a store? Do you want to tie in with a particular event? Do you want to create a full blown experience for customers? All of these questions need to be carefully thought out and it can be a lot. This is where we come in. We have experience working with brands in relation to their retail spaces and should a pop-up store be of interest to you, we can help in ensuring a successful result!

Establish Pop-up Spaces Based On An Occassion & Location

Personally we think that pop-up spaces should be timed around an occasion that’s relevant to the brand as it could be a massive factor in driving footfall to your space. It’s also worth consider the location. Does it align with your target market and will you need to get materials printed and distributed ahead of the launch. You may also want to consider looking into securing local coverage from regional media. These are all matters that we have worked on in the past and would be more than happy to help you out in coodinating and launching a pop-up space for your business.

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