What Can Market Distribution Do for Your Company?

16th April 2017

One of the main reasons why successful companies gain significant growth, is that they really do make the effort to understand their target audience. One of the most popular, and effective ways of doing this, is to use customer distribution.

To put this simply, this process allows you to identify and recognise the specific demographics that exist within your customer target audience.

The more you know about who you are marketing, the more likely you are to develop the brand and marketing schemes that appeal to the individual consumer.

Keeping this in mind, ethnic advertising isn’t just about breaking down the customers in terms of the language they speak, but also considering things like:

  • The benefits they are looking gain out of the product.
  • The prices they can afford to pay for the product.
  • How they interact with the brand / product.
  • When and how they make purchases of the product.

When you take all the above different concepts into account, your ethnic advertising efforts can lead to many incredible benefits for your brand / product, including:

  1. Cost Reductions

The old-fashioned concept of “mass-marketing” to capture the attention of the widest-possible selection of customers generally leads to mixed results and enormous costs to the company.

On the other hand, ethnic marketing and careful break down of the customers you are reaching out to will allow you to use your budget more effectively in each area chosen area.

For instance, rather than wasting your money on using the same message to appeal to an audience who can’t understand your Unique Selling Point, you can tailor make a message that will have a specific meaning for the specific audience – leading to increased interaction and better results.

  1. Product Development

Focusing on the individual needs of the different customers within your chosen target audience will allow you to tailor make your services and products to meet the needs their needs.

So, if you are offering software as a service, you might find that the customers from different ethnic backgrounds are more likely to purchase a specific bundle of tools or applications. You should consider linking those products in different campaigns, or offering a new deal that offers a discount to the customer’s needs for the specific range of software solutions.

  1. Wider Markets

The more you use ethnic marketing to study the current audience you’re interacting with, the more you will be able to identify the gaps in your service that may not be reaching out to.

For instance, you might discover that you’re missing out on doing business with an extensive portion of the general public, simply because you don’t have translations on your product page for people who don’t speak English.

  1. Better Business Focus

Careful distribution can also help your business to identify areas where it needs to narrow its focus on.

While it might seem like a wonderful idea to attempt to offer something for “everyone”, the truth is that doing this could damage your Unique Selling Point.

Spend some time find out who are your biggest customers and this will help you to determine which routes you need to take within your company, and how you can focus your efforts to improve the things that are already working well for the business.

Story written by John Stoffel, Business Development Manager for GottaBe!

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