Key Takeaways from ‘Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook’

4th June 2020

We were very excited to have hosted our first webinar a couple of weeks ago – ‘Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook’. The session saw our Managing Director, Tomasz, present findings of a recent survey we had conducted prior, before welcoming Andrea Simon – our wonderful client and Retail Marketing Manager over at Western Union.

Marketing Activities That Reach Ethnic Minorities

Andrea discussed her experience of gearing marketing activities to ethnic minorities, here in the United Kingdom, as well as particular campaigns that Western Union and GottaBe! have worked on in the past. The brand speaker segment of the webinar concluded, giving way to the final part: the influencer panel.

Influencer Marketing For Multicultural Audiences

GottaBe! welcomed Archana Dhankar, Zara Azii and Zahra Rose to the session to discuss how they became influencers, their experiences as a content creator and their experiences of working with brands on influencer marketing campaigns. The session was incredibly insightful and the concluding Q&A allowed the audience to share any burning questions they may have had. Below you can find key takeaways of the ‘Reach and Engage Multicultural Audiences – The Rulebook’.

Key Takeaways Of The Reach And Engage Multicultural Audiences Webinar

  • “It is very important that when we as a brand plan out street marketing campaigns, we make sure that the brand ambassadors are bilingual as we believe that speaking to a crowd of people in their native language is very important.”
  • “Brands that do campaigns geared for ethnic communities or that tie in with key ethnic dates need to do so more regularly instead of one off projects.”
  • “It’s very good to see brands celebrating the regular occasions but then throughout the year with some brands, you see them muting their use of ethnic influencers. I do kind of feel like audiences may then feel a bit alienated or target just for sales.”
  • “I’m getting more engagement right now, so it’s surprising to see less brands working on any influencer marketing campaigns. Now is the time to spend on influencer marketing or any kind of online activity because we are all stuck at home, watching our phones.”
  • “I have really been able to get more attention to beauty focussed content since lockdown as prior to it, I think that people didn’t have the time.”
  • “When doing influencer marketing, the content, campaigns and briefs has to be tailored to the influencers that they are contacting.”
  • “For me, there’s a sense of frustration whereby something is lost in translation with PR companies and it is something that needs to be addressed as it can be quite damaging when it comes to influencers.”
  • “Find out if the influencers you are contacting, echo your brand values, then try to form a long-term partnership because then it is a win win situation on both sides and you engage better with the audience.”
  • “There are so many brands with good intentions, but due to a lack of knowledge they miss so many opportunities.”

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