Tasty sampling for instant healthy bites

6th April 2018

GottaBe’s is working with Tasty Bite, an all-natural, healthy, ready meal brand, who specialises in Asian dishes. We have been working with this company for nearly a year and run a campaign every week in various locations such as health food stores, Wholefood stores and Dhamecha Cash and Carry.

We promote this brand through in-store sampling activities where customers visiting the stores can taste the products and see how simple and easy they are to cook. As well as this, Tasty Bite comes in bulk packages which can be more beneficial to some customers especially if they are on a budget. All Tasty Bite products contain natural ingredients such as black lentils, brown rice, and cardamom. Alongside this, most Tasty Bite products are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Another reason this brand is so important to GottaBe! is because we manage everything to do with this campaign from booking the stores in, picking Brand Ambassadors, managing logistics, and storage. We also put a great deal of thought into the type of BA’s that we use for Tasty Bite campaigns and they are usually people that are passionate about healthy food and enjoy interacting with the public. Tasty Bite has great relationship with GottaBe! who get the campaigns organised and makes them successful.

Tasty Bite also played a large role in our recent Anna Lewandowska’ Healthy Team Training event which they sponsored. We handed out premium goodie bags which contained two free Tasty Bite products (a main and a packet of rice) to promote the healthy brand. This tied in well with the message behind the campaign, which is how to be healthy and promote clean eating. If people went to the event to be healthy then they will be more inclined to buy more Tasty Bites products, knowing they are vigorous which means more brand exposure for Tasty Bite. We enjoy working alongside this brand, and hope this relationship continues in the future.

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Story written by Shannon Dunne, Account Support Executive at GottaBe!

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