Sampling With A Spice

18th May 2016

In the UK we all have a soft spot for Indian food, it doesn’t matter if we get it from a takeaway or make it at home, it’s a meal all households love. 

Recently, GottaBe! has been carrying out a number of sampling activities for Kohinoor, who are the second largest food brand in India, with a worldwide presence in 65 countries.

If you are a regular visitor to Cash & Carries across London, you may have seen our Brand Ambassadors sampling a number of Kohinoor’s products, including Trophy rice, cooking sauces and Oh My Guru crisps.

Most recently, we have been on a mini tour of Tesco stores around Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester, sampling a number of Kohinoor products including rice and cooking sauces. Our Brand Ambassadors have been cooking the products for customers to try and encouraging them to buy afterwards.

As well as this, our Brand Ambassadors have visited a number of Cash & Carry and Asian food stores, speaking to operational buyers about price lists and price offers, to stock Kohinoor products.

Written by Sam Lovell, Client Service Manager





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