Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk

3rd November 2020

Over the past couple of months the team at GottaBe! have been working closely with UK homelessness charity, Shelter. We have been very proud to have the opportunity to work with such a fantastic organisation and support their fantastic work.

About UK Homeless Charity, Shelter

For those who aren’t perhaps aware of Shelter, they are a UK based charity working to end homelessness and bad housing. They campaign to raise awareness of these issues and funds in order to provide their service users with a range of services in order to change their situations. These services range across face to face, online, telephone and via legal advice. The charity fundraises year round, however their main channel for this is through ‘The Big Walk’.

Shelter’s ‘The Big Walk’ is their annual 10km walk that encourages people to get walking and raise money to combat homelessness and bad housing, in the process. With so many jobs being lost as a result of the pandemic, homelessness is on the rise and it’s charities such as Shelter that are out there, actively trying to help these people.

Supporting Shelter With PR, Influencer Marketing & Multicultural Marketing

As mentioned earlier, we are proud to be working with Shelter and support them in raising awareness of their fantastic work. The GottaBe! team have been working on a number of projects and providing the Shelter team services including PR, influencer marketing, translations and multicultural marketing in order to help the charity in raising awareness of their work and raising funds to support their work to assist those facing homelessness and/or bad housing.

GottaBe! Participating In The Big Walk

In order to best help Shelter in carrying out their fantastic work, we have even signed up to participate in The Big Walk. What we are doing however, is taking it that little bit further. Instead of the 10km, we will all be walking the total distance between our Southampton and London offices: 122.9km! We are warming up as we speak, and hope that through doing this that we can raise £1,000.00 for Shelter. We welcome any support possible, and should you be able to donate, we would be incredibly grateful! To do so, please head over to the link below, and thank you very much in advance! Together we can help Shelter in ending homelessness.

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