GottaBe! Presents: Activating Around Key Multi-Cultural Events

9th September 2020

GottaBe! Marketing is excited to announce our latest webinar: ‘Activating Around Key-Cultural Events’.

The latest in our series of online events, we sought out to help brands in reaching out to and engaging with new customers, hailing from different ethnic backgrounds. So many companies completely overlook multicultural audiences within the United Kingdom, so much so that only 1 in 5 companies engage with ethnic minorities. It is this lack of acknowledgement that leads to many celebrations becoming missed opportunities for a large number of brands.

Over 300 Languages Are Spoken In The UK

There are over 300 languages spoken in the United Kingdom; with over 1% of the population speaking Polish, 0.5% speaking Punjabi and Urdu, 0.4% speak Bengali and Gujarati and 0.3% speaking Arabic. People whom’s nationality differs from British account for 9.3 million individuals here in the UK. An estimated 39% of immigrants hail from EU countries.

Welcoming Companies And Charities To Our Webinar

The session saw us bring together a number of companies and charities, such as John Lewis, British Heart Foundation and Durham University. Our Managing Director, Tomasz Dyl, led the webinar before welcoming our consumer panel. This was made up of the lovely Archana, Erika, Sharelle, Kamla, Theo, Ewa and Marilyn. Each of the panel represented a different ethnic background and these included West Indian, South Asian, Chinese, Jamaican and Polish.

Guide To Key Religious And Ethnic Celebrations

The ‘Activating Around Key Ethnic Events’ webinar doubled as a guide for key religious and ethnic celebrations that take place throughout the year and how brands can successfully launch campaigns that tie in with these. We will cover the panel’s thoughts on current marketing, which brands they believe are making the effort and any particular brands that aren’t doing enough.

We explored statistics around ethnic minorities here in the United Kingdom, key ethnic events that take place throughout the year – drawing in between 500 and 25,000 attendees – and later discussed the experiences of our panellists. This open discussion enabled the audience to gain a better insight into the opinions and lived experiences of Sharelle, Archana, Marilyn, Theo, Kamla, Erika and Ewa, as well as suggestions they had for reaching out to and engaging with the communities in which they represent.

Food Brands And Supermarkets Leading The Way With Ethnic Marketing

It transpired that food brands and some of the leading supermarkets are the companies that are out there actively making efforts to develop and nurture relationships with ethnic minorities here in the United Kingdom, more specifically the Brazilian, Jamaican, Indian and African communities. The Chinese markets appear to be most engaged with by fashion brands, primarily the luxury houses.

Overall, the panellists felt that brands need to really research the markets they’re looking to reach, plan the campaign and/or activations out in advance and really engage with these communities. In addition to a recording of the session, there is also a downloadable resource on key ethnic events and celebrations. To access this resource, please click here, and to speak with this about activating around key multi-cultural events, please fill out the form below.

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