Why Diverse Marketing Efforts Need to Start With Your Team…

27th October 2023

To truly connect with a diverse and multicultural audience, your team needs to reflect the diversity of your target market.

This is where multicultural marketing agencies like us come into play, and one of the fundamental principles we emphasise is the importance of a diverse and inclusive team. In fact, we’ve recently been awarded the Changemaker title due to our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

In this blog post, we’ll explore why diversity in your marketing starts with your team and how it can transform your marketing strategies.

1. Understanding Diverse Perspectives

To create marketing campaigns that resonate with a multicultural audience, you need a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

As Zee Goba (Outreach Lead at the Metropolitan Police) stated at our Everyone Doing It Together event, a diverse team brings unique perspectives and insights to the table. This enables you to craft messages and content that are culturally sensitive and genuinely relatable to different communities.

2. Cultural Competence

 A diverse team doesn’t just check boxes; it brings cultural competence to the forefront.

When your marketing team understands various cultural groups’ nuances, traditions, and values, you’re less likely to make cultural missteps or inadvertently offend potential customers. This level of sensitivity is crucial in today’s globalised world.

3. Authentic Storytelling

Multicultural marketing isn’t just about translating content into different languages; it’s about telling authentic stories that resonate with diverse audiences. A diverse team can help you tap into the power of storytelling that reflects the lived experiences of your target customers. This authenticity not only builds trust but also fosters brand loyalty.

4. Expanding Your Market Reach

Diversity in your marketing team allows you to tap into the £300bn of spending power that ethnic minorities in the UK hold.

Different team members might have personal connections or insights into niche markets that could significantly expand your reach. 

5. Fostering Creativity and Innovation

 A diverse team fosters creativity and innovation. When people from various backgrounds come together, they bring many ideas, approaches, and solutions. These creative solutions can lead to breakthrough marketing strategies that allow your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

6. Reflecting Your Target Audience

One of the most straightforward reasons for diversity in your team is to reflect your target audience. When customers see themselves represented within your organisation, it builds trust and a sense of belonging. This attracts customers and retains them, as they feel heard and understood.

As Anna Dilku (Group Social Media Manager at Aviva) said at our Everyone Doing It Together event, “You need to make sure your own house is in order” before you start reaching out to diverse audiences to ensure “You’re aligned internally and externally”.

7. Avoiding Cultural Stereotypes

Marketing campaigns that rely on stereotypes can quickly backfire and damage your brand’s reputation. A diverse team can identify and challenge these stereotypes, ensuring your campaigns are respectful and avoid perpetuating harmful biases.

In conclusion, diversity in your marketing agency is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of building successful marketing campaigns that resonate with the 14.6 million people in the UK who come from ethnic backgrounds… and beyond.

Your team is the foundation for this approach, bringing different perspectives, cultural competence, and the ability to create authentic, relatable content. 

Need this type of insight within your team? Well, let us become an extension of yours! Our team members are all from different backgrounds, and our pool of over 4500 brand champions also come from different backgrounds and collectively speak over 50 languages.

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