Top 5 Ways To Target A Multicultural Audience

2nd September 2021

69% of Ethnic minorities feel that UK media has little to no relevance to them. With such a high number of people from an ethnic minority in the UK, brands need to do more to reach them. As multicultural marketing specialists, we understand how to target the “hard to reach” communities. Each ethnic community is different and has various needs, tastes, and behaviours that are constantly evolving and changing.

Here are 5 ways to target a multicultural audience:

Acknowledge Ethnic Minorities

Acknowledging ethnic minority cultures, beliefs and holidays will enable your business to efficiently reach multicultural communities. With a £300 billion spending power, brands need to understand how to reach the ethnic communities.

Be respectful of the cultures and beliefs when marketing a product, ensure it fits the values of a culture, and is it an appropriate time to be targeting a community. Offending a community that you wish to gain as customers will not be forgotten. Attend events! Speak to customers to see what you can do to better yourselves and engage them. Keep up to date with the ethnic holidays with our ethnic calendar.

Translate Promotional Material 

Google translate gets it wrong! Investing in professional translations will benefit your brand as 53% of the BAME community are more likely to be persuaded to buy a product if it is communicated to them in their native language. Here at GottaBe! we can deliver translated promotional materials and our Brand Ambassadors speak in over 45 languages to reach the audiences face to face.

Create Inclusive Campaigns

1 in 6 people from ethnic minorities feel unrepresented. Authentically creating campaigns that represent the BAME community will build brand awareness within the communities. Unfortunately, as the world continues to work on inclusivity and diversity, content that represents ethnic minorities is not always available. Therefore, brands must do more. Invest in illustrations or arrange photoshoots to create content that includes ethnic minorities to reach a wider audience.  

BAME influencers are still underrepresented and shouldn’t be. We have found that 7/10 of the top beauty brands have posted people of colour in their latest Instagram posts. This is a step forward, but it needs to be adopted authentically. If not, multicultural consumers will continue to vote with their feet. We believe that working with BAME influencers is a powerful tool when reaching a multicultural audience.

Communicate Within Multicultural Communities

Community values are very important within ethnic minorities. To gain the trust and respect of the BAME communities consider the communication you are offering. As suggested above, translate promotional material so it is accessible. Also, take the time to understand the 9.3 million ethnic minorities within the UK so you can boost reach and sales. 

When supporting our clients, we often work with local ethnic stores as shop owners are seen as key figures alongside religious leaders and teachers. Key figures have powerful influence within a community and gaining their trust will help your brand to earn recommendations through word of mouth.

Hire A Multicultural Team To Target Multicultural Audiences

A multicultural team is more effective, more genuine, and creates better brand awareness which enables consumers to trust an organisation. A team that understands the audience has a genuine interest in the communities involved too. Only 1 in 5 companies reach the minorities but they have a big spending power, use this to your advantage! Listen to your staff and work within a community to offer opportunities. 

GottaBe! Ethnic make it our mission to stay one step ahead of ethnic consumer trends, whether your target audience is Polish, Indian, Romanian, Filipino, or Nigerian, we know what drives them to make a purchase.

Our team is ready to help you craft a winning multicultural marketing strategy. Businesses in every sector/industry can benefit from targeting ethnic communities, with lower competition and often lower customer acquisition costs, targeting the BAME community can be a lucrative move for your brand.

If you’re interested in implementing ethnic marketing and integrating it into your marketing calendar but you are not sure where to start or are simply wanting to discuss this further, please get in touch with our team.

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