How to use a multicultural marketing approach to enter the UK market

13th February 2023

The first mistake FMCG brands make when trying to enter the UK market is that they do not realise how diversified the market here is. Brands are disregarding multi-cultural marketing techniques when entering the market, limiting their potential development and sales even though, according to Census 2021 Data Report, there are 13 million people from ethnic minorities living in the United Kingdom, and they have a combined purchasing power of £727 billion. Product sampling campaigns are an excellent method for businesses to promote their goods and services to a broad range of new consumers.

Why product sampling is a good market entry strategy for the multi-cultural market. 

Product sampling creates a system that enables your company to reach out to other cultures with your product and get genuine, honest feedback from the various populations in the UK. This is an opportunity to try and test your product with multiple audiences to determine whether they are interested in it and to get their feedback on how to make it more appealing to individuals just like them. Tailoring a brand’s message or product to the local language, culture, and customs is a localisation strategy. Implementing localisation strategies may help businesses stand out from the crowd, win over customers, and boost income.

How to develop a multi-cultural marketing product sampling strategy to enter the UK market

  • – Hire local experts to conduct multiple ethnic group target audience research. 
  • – Adapt your marketing collateral to the different local ethnic groups.
  • – Choose the correct locations.
  • – Hire the right fit brand ambassadors.
  • – Create a brand experience.

Step #1: Hire local experts to conduct multiple ethnic group target audience research.

Reaching ethnic communities in the UK might be tough since you need to know the best and most appropriate techniques for doing so; this is where market and target audience research comes in. Understanding ethnic minorities’ purchasing patterns, and spending habits, where they spend most of their time, opinions, values, and beliefs, is essential for successfully entering a varied market. Extensive research on your target group can set you up for a successful product sample campaign.

When several demographic groups are being targeted, research can be one of the trickier aspects of a product sampling campaign. That’s where we come in. We, as a multi-cultural marketing agency, stay up to date on the most recent and efficient methods of targeting each distinct population. Whether your target audience is Polish, Indian, Romanian, Filipino, or Nigerian, we know what makes them tick and what motivates them to make a purchase. Therefore, we make it our duty to keep one step ahead of ethnic consumer trends.

Step #2: Adapt your marketing collateral to the multi-cultural groups. 

Once you have your target audience research, you will know what languages are their preferred mode of communication. It is important to translate and copy your marketing materials, as we have mentioned in previous blogs, to the language of your target market. While most ethnic communities in the UK understand English, delivering materials in a native language will result in a higher level of engagement. 

Communication is crucial in marketing, as how your brand is perceived will determine the difference between conversions. You only get one shot at making a first impression during a product sampling campaign, so it must be well received on the first try and have the desired impact. To effectively reach ethnic audiences and show them that your brand values them as consumers, offering your product sampling materials in their native language will increase engagement and conversion rates.

Step #3 Choose the correct location for your multi-cultural product sample

Recent UK National Identity Census data (2023) reveals that ethnic minority groups in the UK immigrate mostly as a collective across different locations in the country; for example, most Polish people in the UK live in Ealing, while the majority of Indian people live in Leicester. This information provides an opportunity for brands to create localised strategies for the different groups of ethnic minorities. Likewise, after conducting target audience research, you will have an understanding of your audience’s hotspots stand where your intended audience gathers; this could be in certain supermarkets, festival 

You can then operate separate product sampling campaigns in different locations tailored to each group of ethnic minorities’ needs.

Step #4 Hire multicultural brand ambassadors who are the right fit for your brand.

Include members of ethnic minorities on your brand ambassador marketing team. When people from ethnic minorities recognise themselves in your brand, they are more likely to have a real connection with your brand. Having multi-cultural brand ambassadors can not only make your audience feel connected to your brand, but they will also provide insight into your company’s cultural diversity and reflect your brand. You don’t want your good intentions to come off as false, insensitive, or pandering, so avoid any impression of tokenism or appropriation. 

#6 Create a brand experience 

With a product sample, you can give your target market an experience that encourages customer acquisition and brand loyalty. Think of tactics to pique the attention of your audience for a longer amount of time and to provide them with a more memorable brand experience once they have the sample in their hands. But keep things straightforward; it’s usually preferable to stimulate the senses without making things complicated. Determining the proper sample size—one smaller than the full-size product but not too small—will allow someone to experience the product thoroughly. Another tactic which is used to create a brand experience is including leaflets with a CTA; this allows you as a brand to track the campaign’s success. 

As award-winning field and experiential marketing experts, our team can help you reach your target audience through product sampling. We are also experts in multi-cultural marketing and have helped many brands market their mainstream products to the ethnic communities in the UK. With over 4,500 experienced brand ambassadors across the UK, we have the right people for your brand. As well as our excellent brand ambassadors, we also have a pool of community champions who speak over 45 languages and give us insight into the ethnic communities in the UK. GottaBe! really can take your brand to any audience. To discover our sampling services, chat with the team today to see how we can create effective campaigns.

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