6 reasons you need a multicultural marketing agency

2nd March 2022

Multicultural marketing covers a wide range of people from various communities and demographics. Often brands will look for multicultural marketing specialists to expand into the ethnic market as they have expertise in that niche. Each community group will vary, and without expert knowledge, it can be tricky to break into those tight-knit communities. 

Here at GottaBe! we understand the importance of reaching ethnic minority groups. With a spending power of over £300 bn in the UK alone, there is a huge opportunity for brands to join the 1 in 5 who reach ethnic minorities with our support. As multicultural marketing specialists, we know how to effectively engage the ‘hard to reach’ to get your name out there. 

Why do I need to expand my reach into the multicultural market?

Expanding your reach to ethnic groups will see a higher financial return due to the connection you are able to build with a larger portion of your audience which will see a higher return rate as consumers choose to shop with your brand. Studies have found that companies implementing marketing diversity are 15% more likely to perform better than their competition. As a brand, it is essential to create equality within marketing and society your services become more accessible to ethnic audiences.

Whilst your product may be suitable for all, if your branding does not share this, then it is likely that ethnic audiences will not be aware of your brand. By including multiculturism in your marketing, you can create a positive brand reputation and increase brand awareness. 

Six reasons you need a multicultural marketing agency!

Long term relationships

Hiring an outside agency should be seen as an extension of your team as they are there to support your brand with marketing challenges. As an agency dedicated to connecting brands with multicultural audiences, GottaBe! Ethnic has over 14 years of experience, and in that time, we have built invaluable bonds with key community touchpoints. We have worked with several large brands and have taken them to different ethnic events throughout the UK.  

Whilst your brand is looking to establish relationships with ethnic consumers, it is a good idea to connect with professionals who have spent time doing so already, as they will be able to give you an insight into the market. 

Ethnic media established connections.

Ethnic media is a powerful marketing channel that delivers ads to ethnic audiences tailored to their needs. They can be in native languages or English but are attractive to ethnic audiences as they bring a sense of home that ethnic minorities trust. 69% of Ethnic Minorities feel UK media has little or no relevance to them; so, connecting with them via targeted platforms will ensure your brand stands out. 

As a multicultural agency GottaBe! has long term relationships with ethnic media outlets across the UK, so know which ones are most suitable for your brand. It is essential to ensure your campaigns are ideal for the audience you are targeting, and by enlisting the help of an agency, they can advise you on this. 

A pool of community champions

Here at GottaBe! we have over 4,500 community champions across the UK, giving us an insight into the ever-changing communities. This allows us to stay connected with ethnic audiences and provides us with updated information on the needs and behaviours of ethnic minorities. Our community champions help us reach the ethnic audiences as they can speak over 45 languages; we have someone for every campaign. 

Dedicated team 

As an agency dedicated to multicultural marketing, we have the time to learn and understand the most effective ways to engage ethnic audiences your brand may not have the ability to yet. GottaBe! can help you get your ethnic marketing strategy off the ground and reach new audiences. Our passion is to ensure everyone has equal opportunities in today’s society through marketing. 

We can offer the solutions to your marketing challenges to ensure your campaign is perfectly positioned in ethnic communities. With translators on hand, a diverse team and inside knowledge, it’s a no-brainer. 

A highly focused team will deliver results faster, and with all the solutions to your multicultural marketing needs, an ethnic marketing agency can help your brand effectively expand your reach. 

Experts at what we do 

As experts in a niche market, we are continually training to ensure we can be the best at what we do. More profound knowledge and nuanced strategies for their clients allow multicultural marketing agencies to have the edge over mainstream agencies as they can communicate your brand effectively to all. 

Translating your marketing materials over to a new audience can be a testing time for any brand. So, by having experts on hand, you can be guaranteed that your campaign will be well received by the ethnic minority group you are expanding to. 

Want to expand into the ethnic market? GottaBe! Ethnic is here to help. By increasing your brand’s reach to include ethnic minorities, you will tap into the £300 bn spending power that only 1 in 5 brands effectively reaches. There are huge opportunities for your brand in the ethnic market. You just need to know the best way to engage audiences. That’s where we come in. With over 14 years of experience; our team can get your product to any audience!

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