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Tommy’s Miscarriage Support Tool

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Client nameTommy’s Miscarriage Support Tool
Tommy's is the UK's largest pregnancy and baby loss charity. It specialises in funding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage to provide trusted pregnancy support and advice to all birthing people. Their goal is to ensure the UK becomes one of the safest places in the world to give birth.
DateOctober 2022 - April 2023

To help them reach their goal of making the UK the safest place to give birth, Tommy’s continues to fund research into pregnancy, including the factors that sadly cause pregnancy loss.

GottaBe! Ethnic was successful in the bid through tender as a multicultural marketing specialist. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of their Miscarriage Support Tool. This mathematically based algorithm considers various pieces of health data to provide users with their chance of a successful pregnancy.

GottaBe! was tasked with raising awareness of the tool amongst birthing people who are typically at a higher risk of miscarriage. Black women and birthing people were a priority for Tommy’s in this specific campaign to reach with the tool as there is little research done regarding baby loss and pregnancy within the various Black communities. Unfortunately, Black women are more likely to miscarry and less likely to seek help. It is, therefore, important to have specific information and education available for this audience.  To develop that research, Tommy’s needs to collect valuable data to help identify factors which put Black birthing people at a higher risk. As the tool collects data, the algorithm is altered to ensure the information and support provided is as accurate as possible.


To reach a diverse community typically less likely to engage with marketing GottaBe! Ethnic set out to run a multichannel campaign to reach Black women and birthing people across multiple platforms.

Through Programmatic, paid social and various digital marketing techniques, we provided a multichannel campaign which targeted a range of specific audiences within the target audience. Running A/B testing throughout to ensure the campaign performed at a top level.

GottaBe! also provided creative support with overall designs for the campaign, graphics to use during paid social, and a short animation to be played via YouTube. As an agency, we also sourced a suitable Voice Over artist explicitly chosen to reach the audience in a relatable manner. All aspects of design and the overall campaign were tailored to suit the needs, wants and behaviours of the Black communities across the UK.


Following a testing phase GottaBe! got to work pushing the various channels with content most suitable to the audience. Throughout the 7-month campaign GottaBe! worked closely with Tommy’s to monitor the effects and engagement of the target audience to ensure content and strategy were reaching its potential within the audience.

During the period the campaign saw over 3 million impressions within the demographic and 570 submissions with the target demographic that had an adjusted CPA cost around £20.

Whilst our work with Tommy’s has come to an end, they continue to collect the necessary data to help develop equitable care to make the UK the safest place to give birth for all.



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