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Shan Foods – #DifferentYetTogether

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Client nameShan Foods – #DifferentYetTogether
Shan Foods is one of the biggest leading Pakistani culinary brands – offering authentic traditional recipes and home food solutions, focusing on excellence in all they do.
DateDecember 2021- May 2022

The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of Shan Food’s latest TV commercial to the South Asian community across the UK, Germany and Australia. The campaign aimed to position Shan Foods as the number one choice for consumers and raise brand awareness in the chosen countries and was strategically placed around Ramadan.


To effectively target the South Asian community in the UK, Germany and Australia, GottaBe! began researching influencers from different tiers. After delivering a list of influencers to Shan Foods, they decided to have a mix of micro and macro influencers with high engagement levels. Once the right influencers were chosen, we contacted the influencers to arrange posting dates, deliverables and contracts. The influencers chosen varied in following and audience as we had a mixture of lifestyle and cooking/ food influencers, so the content varied throughout.

Each influencer posted a 60-second video sharing a time when food united them with someone from a different culture and shared Shan's latest TV commercial #differentyettogether. GottaBe! worked as an agent managing the campaign based on Shan Food's brief.

Working closely with both influencers and Shan Food's team, 9 influencers delivered an effective social media campaign on Instagram tailored to their audience. While some of the videos were voice-over cooking tutorials, others were more intimate with a sit-down, chatty style. We worked closely with the influencers to ensure each campaign was suitable for their page and audience whilst also ensuring it met the deliverables set by Shan Foods. To ensure that the campaign was effective and portrayed the message the TV commercial set out to do we needed to ensure each video was personal to the influencers and showed true emotion. A different style for the influencers which were more transparent and therefore very moving.


Each campaign was well received by followers, raising brand awareness for Shan Foods and their TVC. The influencers who celebrate Ramadan shared the campaign during this period. Due to the target audience, the content was altered to ensure it was appropriate to reach this audience. Those who did not celebrate Ramadan posted during these times, but their content did not recognise the religious celebration. Across the 9 influencers who posted the #DifferentYetTogether campaign, there were 154,422 views and over 9 thousand likes.


  • Ethnic influencer marketing
  • 9 South Asian influencers sharing an IGTV and Shan TVC
  • Digital marketing campaign management

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