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Opoka has helped women and children in the Polish community to improve health, wellbeing, and happiness by stopping domestic violence since 2012. Co-founder and director Aneta Mackell set up the very first support meeting 10 years ago and now offers safe and specialist support to the survivors of domestic violence, to improve their lives and build better futures. Opoka tailors its services to meet the needs of the women they support. They assess and manage risk and where needed bring together a multi-agency, multi-tiered collaborative approach to reduce and eliminate risks. Since February 2018, the free, 24-hour Opoka Helpline in Polish (0300 365 1700) has been operating continuously.

Whilst working with the non-profit organisation Opoka we aim to raise awareness for the organisation within the Polish community, to give women a place to turn to if they were in a domestic violence situation or just needed support as a survivor. The Opoka hotline can be called not only by women who experience domestic violence, but also their employers, neighbours, and friends who do not know how to help them. Mackell reveals that “since the end of March (2020), the number of calls has increased significantly – from 150 to 1,200 calls per month”. So we look to work hard to raise further awareness to help those in need.


The mechanics of this partnership involved sending two articles to the Polish online magazines and portals in the UK, and for each article, there were 7-8 publications in the major Polish portals such as Emito, Wielka Brytania Online, and Polonia24.UK.
Opoka is 10 years old and so far, has had very little exposure in the communities for the life-changing work they do across the UK, so we aimed to reach as many people as possible.

GottaBe! Ethnic ran a social media campaign using a video on one of the biggest Polish Facebook groups for women, with 40,000 members with language barriers in mind. The video and leaflets were created to highlight the warning signs to Polish women and make them aware of the help that is out there and where to find it.
We have been posting content on here, the Facebook fan page, and on Instagram. Working alongside influencers such as (Aleksandra Fiddler Facebook, YT) and Edyta Stepień (YT).

Influencer Aleksandra Fiddler worked with us on a Facebook live campaign in Polish which aired on International Women’s Day. The purpose of the Facebook live was to raise awareness through conversation and communication, vital for ensuring Polish domestic violence victims here in the UK are aware that support is out there, and that what they are experiencing is not acceptable.

To aid Opoka in its mission to help women via the Opoka hotline vital fundraising is essential. Donations will also allow Opoka to continue to support women and children via their safe houses for those who needed to escape a domestic violence situation.


The Facebook live with Aleksandra proved very successful, with over 400 people watching for the whole conversation. Our PR was covered in 7-8 publications across the UK and our leaflets were posted in groups with up to 40,000 members.


  • Social media
  • Live video
  • Influencers
  • Print
  • Ethnic marketing
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