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Client nameLibon
Libon is a versatile app designed to serve communities and families globally, offering a range of services, including telecommunications and payments. Originating as a French technology company in 2018, Libon has evolved into a super-app, providing users in 160 countries with innovative solutions to stay connected with loved ones and meet their needs. With over 8 million users.
DateApril 2024
Case studyLondon Eid Festival 2024

Libon’s primary goals at the London Eid Festival in Westfield were to increase visibility within the British Muslim community, attract new customers, and enhance sales conversions.


To effectively engage event attendees over the weekend, we knew that we needed to make a big impact at the event.

We assembled a squad of Brand Ambassadors, all versed in Libon's offerings and values. We provided branded leaflets, tote bags, scratch cards, and other materials to inform attendees and give them a little piece of Libon to take with them.


The event was incredibly successful!

Our team of Brand Ambassadors interacted with more than X festival attendees, resulting in over 250 app downloads and an impressive 13.5% conversion rate to customers.


  • Logistics and planning
  • Printing and merchandise
  • Promotional Staffing/Brand Ambassadors
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