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Client nameKohinoor
Kohinoor, part of IEF, is a rice brand bringing the beauty of Indian cuisine to the West.
Date2015 - 2019
Case studyProduct Sampling

The objective of our campaign with Kohinoor was to support the brand with product sampling activities in supermarkets and cash and carry premises. Brand ambassadors were to be used to engage with customers, encouraging them to purchase Kohinoor products.

The aim was to raise brand awareness and introduce existing consumers to the brand’s cooking sauce range as well as other products.


This campaign saw our team set up sampling stalls in both supermarkets and cash and carry stores to introduce both existing and new customers to the brand as well as their range of new cooking sauces. This campaign included the wet sampling of Kohinoor's cookings sauces to give the customers first hand experience of the brand. It was important within this promotion to ensure the Kohinoor brand was prevalent in the locations in order to increase brand awareness.

As well as the local supermarkets and other stores we also helped Kohinoor to secure a spot at Leicester's Mela Festival, an Indian festival normally celebrated in summer. As Kohinoor's main target audience is the South Asian community this exposure was perfect for the brand.


The campaign overall was a great success. We carried out wet sampling at a number of stores across the target area, providing hundreds of samples to current and potential customers. In the target locations after the campaign there was an increase in not only awareness for the brand but also in the number of products sold in these locations.


  • Promotional Staffing – Brand Ambassadors
  • Face2Face Engagement
  • Sales
  • Product Sampling
  • Merchandising
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