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Client nameJumbo
Jumbo is an African food brand, they provide seasoning for meals through giving traditionally African recipes on their website. Jumbo is also stocked in a number of stores across the UK as well as being sold through other online retailers. Their product range caters for dishes including chicken, beef, shrimp and more.
Date2nd December 2019 - 13th December 2019
Case studyJumbo Joll of Rice Seasoning Promotion

The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness for Jumbo’s newly launched Jollof Rice seasoning whilst aiming to increase sales of all Jumbo products in stockist locations. Jumbo also aimed to promoted brand loyalty in customers that made a purchase by rewarding them once they had done so.


For this campaign we supplied promotional staff to stockist locations where they distributed promotional material and gifted customers who made a purchase of any Jumbo products, the purpose of this was to promote their loyalty in the products so that customers would repeat purchase. We also helped to merchandise the stockist locations for Jumbo products to ensure this highlighted the launch of their new Jollof Rice seasoning.


The campaign successfully saw an increase in awareness for Jumbo’s products as well as their specific new product launch. Jumbo also found that there was a high increase in footfall at stockist locations where promotion had taken place. This all lead to an increase in sales generated for their new product launch of Jollof Rice seasoning but also their wider product range.


  • Promotional Staff
  • Logistics
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Ethnic Marketing
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