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Client nameCarotino
Carotino is a producer of healthy cooking oils using canola and red palm oil and is high in antioxidants and omegas. They have recently launches BetterGhee, a natural alternative to butter ghee which is traditionally used in Indian cooking, but is much healthier.
Case studyIn-store Sampling Activity

The objective of our campaign with Carotino was to support the launch of BetterGhee by providing an Indian Brand Ambassador in a V.B & Sons International Food store in London.

Carotino required an Indian Brand Ambassador so that they could speak either Gujarati or Hindi which would help to improve the quality of engagement with their target audience who would have likely been able to speak these languages also being that the product is targeted at Indian’s.


The campaign saw us provide a portfolio of 3 Indian girls who could speak either Gujarati or Hindi for the client to choose from. Once the client had selected their brand ambassador, they were deployed into the International Food store to sample testers of Better Ghee to potential customers. The brand ambassador’s job was to ensure customers were aware of the health benefits of BetterGhee over the competition and to push-sales thereafter.

Once the promotion was complete, we set-up Carotino’s ‘Kidney’ stand and provided promotional material and merchandising for the store to ensure that we maximised the opportunity in store.


  • Promotional Staffing – Brand Ambassadors
  • Ethnic Staffing – Indian speaking Gujarati / Hindi
  • Face2Face Engagement
  • Sampling
  • Sales
We needed a Brand Ambassador for an in-store sales promotion at very short notice who could speak Gujarati / Hindi. We contacted GottaBe! to see if they could help, but with just a couple of days notice of the event, I didn’t hold out much hope of finding someone who fitted the desired profile closely. However, GottaBe! found us a delightful young lady who was everything we hoped she would be. GottaBe! responded to the challenge overall and helped us make the promotion a success
Melanie Nicholson – Marketing & PR Manager Carotino UK
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