Carotino Campaign


Client: Carotino

Carotino is a producer of healthy cooking oils using canola and red palm oil and is high in anti-oxidants and omegas. They have recently launched BetterGhee, a natural alternative to butter ghee which is traditionally used in Indian cooking, but is a much healthier option.


Case Study: BetterGhee In-store Sampling Activity


Date: October 2015


The Objective:

> Provide an Indian Brand Ambassador who speaks in either Gujarati or Hindi, to sample BetterGhee in a V.B & Sons International Foods store, in London.



> Within 2 days, provide a portfolio of 3 Indian girls who could speak in either Gujarati or Hindi for the client to choose from.

> Sample tasters of BetterGhee to potential customers, informing them about the product, its health benefits over the competition and push sales thereafter.

> Setup Kidney stand and and promotional materials in-store.


GottaBe! Life:

> Promotional Staffing – Brand Ambassadors

> Ethnic Staffing – Indian speaking Gujarati / Hindi

> Face2Face Engagement

> Sampling

> Sales



“We needed a Brand Ambassador for an in-store sales promotion at very short notice who could speak Gujarati / Hindi. We contacted GottaBe! to see if they could help, but with just a couple of days notice of the event, I didn’t hold out much hope of finding someone who fitted the desired profile closely. However, GottaBe! found us a delightful young lady who was everything we hoped she would be. GottaBe! responded to the challenge overall and helped us make the promotion a success”

Melanie Nicholson – Marketing & PR Manager Carotino UK Ltd