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Action for Children

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Client nameAction for Children
Action for Children is a UK children's charity created to help vulnerable children & young people and their families in the UK. The charity has thousands of staff and volunteers who operate over 475 services in the UK and have served 671,275 children in 2021 and 2022.
Case studyRaising the Bristolian South Asian community's awareness about fostering.

Action for Children wanted to raise awareness within the Bristolian South Asian community about the number of children needing foster careers.


For this campaign, we implemented both online and offline activity as our history has proven that first-generation ethnic minorities are more engaged with face-to-face marketing activations over digital campaigns.

So, to maximise the campaign's reach, we chose locations with the highest proportion of South Asians living, working, or visiting each location.

We merchandised over 30 shops and visited seven mosques, distributing double-sided leaflets to engage this target audience. As we were going through trusted sources to engage the community, this gave the campaign more credibility.

We also promoted awareness about this campaign via social media – specifically, our community outreach strategy on Facebook.

We interacted in various and specific South Asian communities in their native languages so that diverse populations could quickly understand our message.


Following the campaign, the overall feedback was positive, and the community was pleased that awareness around fostering was being spread.

They also enjoyed that the campaign had the face-to-face element as it allowed people to get much more in-depth information, and the information on the leaflets was written in their native language.

Shop owners were willing and very happy to include leaflets inside the bags as it was for a good cause.


  • Merchandised over 30 shops
  • Visited seven mosques
  • Online community outreach
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