Case studies

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Carotino logo


The objective of our campaign with Carotino was to support the launch of BetterGhee by providing an Indian Brand Ambassador
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Western Union

We have worked closely with Western Union for a number of years to assist with merchandising their stores, providing promotional staffing and running programmatic campaigns.
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University of Chichester

In 2017, we worked with the University of Chichester to raise awareness of the courses available to BAME communities in the surrounding areas.
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TVN logo


We helped Polish TV Station TVN raise awareness for their summer launch into the UK and drove sign-ups to the platform through events and face to face promotion.
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Shelter logo


Shelter run an annual 'Big Walk' in 2020, during the pandemic, we helped support awareness and registration for the event through Ethnic media.
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Lyca Mobile logo

Lyca Mobile

We helped support Lycamobile to raise awareness and drive sales of their pay-as-you-go SIMs, specifically targeting Ethnic markets in London.
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Megaron logo


Supporting Megaron's UK sales through targeted sampling, promotion and training in 20 B&Q stores along the M25 corridor, see more for our results.
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Healthy Plan by Ann logo

Healthy Plan by Ann

We have supported Anna Lewandowska on her UK Health and Fitness Roadshow, read more about out fully managed event with the Polish star.
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Lebara logo


We supported Lebara with the promotion of their SIM cards onboard the DFDS Seaways Ferries, providing promotional staff and targeting international travellers.
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Kohinoor logo


We helped to support Kohinoor at stockist stores to promote and sell their products to ethnic audiences.
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Jumbo logo


We ran an extremely successful sampling campaign for Jumbo to raise awareness for a new product launch and encourage customer loyalty.
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Hampshire Constabulary logo

Hampshire Constabulary

We continue to support Hampshire Constabulary with their BAME Recruitment drive as well as COVID vaccination campaigns.
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FreeSports logo


Since it's launch, we have supported FreeSports in gaining traction and brand recognition among Polish audiences within the UK.
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EE logo


We worked with EE to help promote their pay-as-you-go SIM cards to people within the Polish community alongside News PL.

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