July, 2014

GottaBe! supporting Apprenticeship Scheme by welcoming, 16 year old to the team

Thousands of students have completed their GCSE exams and are preparing for the future. Although most school leavers are relaxing for summer and are opting to continue their studies at Sixth Form College come September; for some, college can be seen as a daunting and unappealing option. Therefore some students seek alternatives like an apprenticeship scheme that offers the opportunity to delve into a specific sector, combining learning new skills, gaining qualifications and working in a team, all whilst having […]

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What is the difference between Brand Ambassador and Promoter?

All over the world, marketing brands are naming their promotional staff differently. Agencies are using ‘Brand Ambassador’, ‘Reps’ and ‘Brand Advocate’, to name just a few, as an alternative to the more generic ‘Promo Staff’. Why is this? What benefits does this bring? Does it make any difference to the work they do?

Promo Staff

The generic ‘Promo Staff’ label is the common term the public are used to and gives them an impression of staff that work within the promotional […]

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Travelling this summer?

GottaBe! has been selected by Lebara Mobile, an award winning low cost international pay-as-you-go-SIM cards provider, to support them with a product sampling and field marketing activity on board of DFDS Seaways vessels on Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes this summer.

Over the next few weeks, Brand Ambassadors will be working on board of 5 vessels and engaging with the public to raise awareness of Lebara Mobile’s latest offers and promotions. Furthermore, the promo staff are there to answer any questions […]

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