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At GottaBe! Ethnic, we are specialists in multicultural marketing.

This is because we help companies target ethnic minorities across the UK, by opening their boundaries to interact with a demographic that has a spending power of £300 billion!

Not only this, but only 1 out of 5 UK companies are reaching out to them as individual consumers, offering huge potential for any brand.

In order to unlock this potential, GottaBe! Ethnic has an extremely creative team, who can deliver fun and exciting campaigns that strategically target ethnic minorities and our Brand Ambassadors can speak in over 45 languages, including Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Filipino and Urdu – making interaction easy!

This enables us to deliver your precise message, in the precise place, to the precise audience.

When it comes to multicultural marketing, we are Simply Ethnic.

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Ethnic minorities have a spending power of £300 billion in the UK, yet only 1 out of 5 UK companies are reaching out to them as consumers.

Are you missing a trick?


In the UK, 69% of ethnic consumers feel that marketing by UK brands has little or no relevance to them.

However, we feel differently! This is because GottaBe! Ethnic delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services to make ethnic consumers feel relevant, by empowering UK brands to connect with them.


Multicultural Promotional Staffing (bi-lingual)


Merchandising In Ethnic Shops


Events Management


Media Planning & Buying


Social Media & Online

Some Key Facts

Stay one-step ahead with Multicultural Marketing, the numbers are for all to see!


Western Union
Lyca Mobile
The Polish Bakery
World Remit
Ahmad Tea
Hampshire Constabulary
J.A.Baczewski Vodka
Your brand?


GottaBe! Ethnic has helped some of the World’s biggest brands open up their borders and target ethnic minorities in the UK. It is our passion to unlock hidden audiences and help our clients branch out further than they ever have before. Live our passion through a selection of case studies.


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How to target ethnic minorities? – Online Channels

In one of our most recent blogs, we discussed offline channels and how to run an ethnic marketing campaign. However, with the internet constantly growing and the rise of social media channels, there are a number of new ways to advertise and market your brand or products. What’s more, online marketing is easier to track and to measure the ROI. In today’s post, we will look at some of those channels.

Social Media

When thinking of social media channels, we instantly think […]

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What Can Market Distribution Do for Your Company?

One of the main reasons why successful companies gain significant growth, is that they really do make the effort to understand their target audience. One of the most popular, and effective ways of doing this, is to use customer distribution.

To put this simply, this process allows you to identify and recognise the specific demographics that exist within your customer target audience.

The more you know about who you are marketing, the more likely you are to develop the brand and marketing […]

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How to target ethnic minorities in the UK? – Offline Channels

One of the most frequently asked question by current and prospective clients, is ‘how do I target ethnic minorities in the UK?’. Well, there are several ways and today we will explore some of the best.

Just like mainstream audiences, there are several channels that we can adapt for ethnic markets as part of a marketing campaign, whether this is offline or online. In this blog, we’re going to look at the offline channels of promotion that are available to you.

Offline […]

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As featured on…

Since the launch – in March 2008 – GottaBe! has been featured in number of newspapers and magazines, whilst our colleagues were also interviewed by various TV and radio stations from all of the World. 

The list of media that featured GottaBe! includes likes of BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, RMF FM, ITV News, Channel 5 News, The Sun and more.


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Bringing a taste of home to various events […]

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Christmas 2016 – Opening Hours

Opening Hours during the Holidays

Another year is upon us and as we are entering the festive time of the year, we would like to advices our Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Staff of the revised opening hours at GottaBe! HQ.


23.12.2016 – 9am -2pm

24.12.2016 – CLOSED (Christmas Eve)

25.12.2016 – CLOSED (Christmas Day)

26.12.2016 – CLOSED (Boxing Day)

27.12.2016 – CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

28.12.2016 – CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

29.12.2016 – CLOSED

30.12.2016 – CLOSE

31.12.2016 – CLOSED (New Year’s Eve)

01.01.2017 – CLOSED (New Year’s Day)

02.01.2017 – CLOSED (Bank […]

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Winning new Clients – tips for non-British businesses

Winning your first Client is very important and we have covered it in one of the first blog posts. However, many businesses run by non-British entrepreneurs tend to focus on a single market – in most cases on their own nationals. However, with UK population at 64.3 millions and only 9.1 million of them from ethnic minorities, this leaves us with more than 55 millions to target.

Who wouldn’t want more customers? Equally more customers mean more profit. Today, I would […]

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